Month: May 2019

Loan with Fixed Rate

A fixed-rate loan can provide you with huge benefits and know at the time you apply for the total cost of the loan. No matter how the interest rate in the financial sector develops, the loan with fixed interest does not change and will not be adjusted. On the free financial market, there are various Read More

Loan with completed private credit entry

A loan does not come about without a previous private credit review. Although this practice does not apply abroad, there is no bank in Germany that does not check creditworthiness. If you have negative entries, you will only receive a negative response when making a credit request. The negative entries in the private credit lead Read More

Loan with child benefit

The child allowance amounts to between 184 and 215 euros per month in Germany and thus contributes significantly to the household financing of families. When consumers ask whether a child benefit loan is possible, they usually refer to whether or not financial institutions take that benefit into account when making the loan decision. The answer Read More