Simulation car loan

Need a new car? A car loan is necessary? Performing a simulation to find the best car loan is essential. Read more

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Simulation car loan

Do you need a first vehicle, a new car because the old one has just had its last day or because it is not big enough to accommodate a new member in the family? There are many reasons for applying for a car loan. Anyway, when you need a new car and the budget does not allow it, car credit is the solution to consider.

However, just considering credit is not enough. It is a project that is well thought out, and for good reason, it represents a sufficiently large sum to be sure to make a responsible choice. You have to determine up to how much you can borrow and how much can you repay each month, while trying to repay this credit quickly. To prepare as well as possible, it is advisable to educate yourself and try out car credit simulations online.

Which loan to choose for your car?

There are several car loans, all consumer loans that can be used towards the purchase of one or more cars. The 2 main ones:

  • The personal loan: This is a loan that you can get quickly and use to buy a car and anything else you want. Its use is very free.
  • Affected credit: This credit is most of the time used for the purchase of a vehicle. An affected car loan will be entirely dependent on the purchase of the car. This means that the loan repayment will not start until the beneficiary has possession of the car. Likewise, if the property is defective, the loan is canceled just like the purchase. Although we are less free than with a personal loan, the affected credit provides significant security.

Once the credit has been identified, before going to a bank or a loan organization, we advise you to prepare yourself with the help of several online simulations.

Car loan, online simulations

Online simulation allows a loan applicant to assess the cost and monthly payments of their loan before committing to anything. This is essential, especially when we are faced with all the offers on the market.

The monthly payments are the amount of money that the beneficiary of a loan must pay to the lender each month to repay his loan. It is imperative to get an idea of ​​the amount that we are able to repay before taking out a loan to avoid a situation of over-indebtedness or a possible future repurchase of unprofitable credit. It is the same for the loanable amount, it must be evaluated before the loan application.

Example of simulations:

Amount of the loan

Repayment term

Interest rate

Amount of monthly payments


60 months


274.50 € / month


24 months


642.53 € / month


60 months


146.4 € / month


12 months


670.28 € / month

Note: Interest may vary if the purchase is for a new car or a used car.

The interest rate, which represents the actual cost of the loan, adjusts according to the length of the repayment. The longer it takes to repay your loan, the more the interest rate increases, the more expensive the loan. As interest is calculated on the basis of the amount remaining to be repaid, the more monthly payments, the higher the cost of the loan. Thus, thanks to online simulations, you can give yourself visibility on what you can get as a loan and as monthly payments, without having to do the calculations yourself. The goal here is to acquire the desired car while making a prepared and reasoned purchase.

Online simulators are very practical and free and can avoid being refused a loan application that will not correspond to our budget or to avoid committing to a loan that we will not be able to repay. To complete the car credit simulation, you can also use a debt ratio simulator. You just have to indicate all your income and all your expenses.

How to choose your simulator

Many banks and loan companies offer online simulators to help site visitors get their bearings. Car dealerships, which offer loans, are also able to simulate a car loan. However, the ideal is still to go through an online loan comparator which can offer you simulations of several loans that you can compare.

A loan comparator is just as useful a tool as a simulator. One will help you find the most interesting loan while the other will help you plan with your budget according to the different criteria that will characterize the said credit.