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Legal Notice

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Terms and conditions is a site that offers users an overview of the different types of consumer credit. We also offer a clear, fast and transparent currency converter .

In the following points, the terms “sites”, “site” and “MONEYBANKER” mean The terms "service provider (s)", "third party (s)", "service provider (s)" designate the partner organizations to which loans can be made.

The general conditions of sale presented below may be subject to changes or modifications and are applicable to all our services:,, https: // New Buryday Lilies .com / no / and

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Service, complaints and contact

We provide an independent online service that allows users to compare and find consumer credit online and provided by a third party. Our online comparator is free and we receive remuneration / commission from the service provider when the user uses our service to select their consumer credit.

  • On our site, you can customize your search box to suit your personal needs. Thus, you can adjust the search criteria to suit your situation and provide you with an overview of service providers accordingly.

If you choose our service, the loan request will be made directly on the site of the selected service provider and not on the New Buryday Lilies site. The user thus accepts to be subject to the general conditions of sale of the service provider site. The general conditions of sale are available on the site of the third party. Once the loan request has been accepted by the service provider, a contract will be made between this same service provider and the user. There is, therefore, no contract concluded between the user and MONEYBANKER.

New Buryday Lilies is not bound by a contract and any user complaint concerning the credit should be made to the third party (the provider's site) and in no case to MONEYBANKER.

  • This agreement cannot be affected by any other agreement agreed between the supplier and the users.
  • For any questions about our general conditions of sale or if you wish to contact us for any other reason, you can contact us:

By post: New Buryday Lilies ApS, Teglvænget 97, Cambridge Denmark

By phone: 0045 617-516-7701

By email: [email protected]

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Information from our site

We always make sure that the information provided by our site is correct and well written. We correct any errors whenever they are brought to our attention. However, we cannot guarantee that the site contains no errors. We reserve the right, at any time and without notice, to add, delete and edit any information or content, material and data displayed on our site. The information provided on our sites is not a recommendation, endorsement or financial advice. The information provided by this site is used for general information only. They are only there to help you select the loan that you think will be the most appropriate for your situation. The information and descriptions provided regarding loans and sites may not represent all of the characteristics and terms and conditions of these loans. You must carefully read all the characteristics and conditions (including those indicated on the provider's website) for any credit before making your request!

Product relevance

The credits listed on our sites are not provided by us, but by a third party over which we have no control. You should always check the suitability of the loan you are interested in. It is your responsibility to check if you are required to apply for a specific type of loan. If you have the slightest doubt about the relevance of a loan referred to one of the sites, we recommend that you seek advice from an independent professional.

Special feature of the product

Our tool searches for financial organizations according to the criteria you have indicated, so that you have more chances of obtaining the loan you want.