Immediate online credit

Many want immediate credit. However, speed is not always guaranteed. However, you can speed up the process. Read more

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Immediate online credit

Applying for credit with a physical agency can sometimes take time and require several trips to set up the loan file. Today, it is possible to access credit without leaving home, by turning to financial institutions that offer online offers.

How to apply for credit online?

To apply for credit online, it may be interesting to compare the different offers on the market beforehand. Indeed, it can be difficult to navigate among the many proposals that can be found and having recourse to a tool to make the right choice can be a wise solution. For this, it is possible to use an online comparator. It is a very effective tool that allows you to have an overview of the various credit offers that can be found on the market. It allows you to estimate the total cost of a loan by highlighting the APR (annual percentage rate) of each offer. This is the best indicator of the final value of a loan and it is to him that we must refer when looking for the most advantageous offer.

Once you have selected the credit that seems to you to be the most suitable for you, you just have to go to the website of the bank or the credit institution offering it in order to build your file and make your request online. . To do this, you will have to fill out a questionnaire by entering personal data such as your identity, your family situation, your professional situation as well as your banking situation. Once this questionnaire has been completed, the information you provide will generally enable you to obtain an immediate response in principle. If the latter is favorable to you, the financial organization will then send you a loan offer, by email or by mail. At that time, you will have to date and sign the contract, attach the documents justifying the information you have communicated beforehand, then send everything back to the lender so that a final study of your file can be established. Once done, a final answer will be communicated to you and if it is positive, the money will be released to your account.

The supporting documents required for an online credit

The supporting documents requested by banks and credit institutions are necessary to verify whether the information you provided during your loan application is correct. Depending on the lender chosen, they will be returned by email or by post. Among these documents, we find:

-A valid identity document (national identity card, passport, residence or resident card, etc.)

-A proof of address (electricity, gas, property tax, rent receipt ...)

- Proof of income (last tax notice, last pay slips, certificate of family benefits ...)

-A bank or postal identity statement (RIB or RIP)

However, note that this list is not exhaustive. Depending on the institution you contact, your situation but also the type of credit to which you are going to subscribe, you may be asked for additional documents.

The advantages and disadvantages of immediate online credit

The online credit application process is simple and convenient to complete. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and send the credit application to the lender. It also represents a clear saving of time since it is possible to carry out all the necessary steps without leaving home and without having to make appointments which waste time.

The answer in principle to the loan request is most often immediate (based on the elements declared). The final answer is also communicated to you within a fairly short period of time, once the lender has received the requested supporting documents.

In addition, you can make your request at any time of the day, without having to worry about the opening and closing times of the branches. Most often, it is also possible for you to follow the progress of your request, then of your credit agreement on the lender's site.

What's more, online loan offers can often be more advantageous than those from physical agencies and it is possible to come across a number of promotions. Finally, online banks have a secure system that keeps your data confidential.

However, there are some drawbacks to applying for credit online. For example, for some people, the inability to meet physically with a counselor is a disadvantage. If you ever have any questions or need to make specific requests, you will need to contact customer service by phone or chat with an advisor in a chat window on the site in question.