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The work PTZ, awarded without condition of resources and repayable without interest, is allocated to work improving energy performance. Read

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PTZ works

What is a zero rate loan?

The "PTZ works" (zero rate work loan) is a loan intended to finance renovation work improving the energy performance of housing and any costs relating to this work. As such, it is also called eco-PTZ.

This is a cash advance, granted without means test, and repayable without paying interest. Its characteristics are defined in article 244 quater U of the general tax code. The PTZ works was introduced by the 2009 finance law, then extended several times by the legislator. For the moment, it can be granted until December 31, 2018, until a probable renewal by the legislator.

Who can benefit from a PTZ work?

The PTZ works concerns all owners, whether they are occupants or lessors, and without condition of resources.

In addition, since July 1, 2014, the co-ownership manager can also subscribe to a work PTZ. In this case, it is a collective work PTZ on behalf of the condominium association. A co-owner may also combine this PTZ with the one from which he can benefit individually, provided that the two PTZ works finance different works.

In all cases, to benefit from this work loan, the housing concerned must constitute a main residence and that it was built before January 1, 1990 in mainland France. Regarding the condition relating to the main residence, article R318-7 of the construction and housing code provides that a dwelling is considered to be a main residence when it is occupied for at least eight months per year. , except in cases of professional obligation, health reasons or force majeure.

With regard to housing located outside mainland France, since January 1, 2015, the seniority condition for housing located in the French overseas departments and territories (overseas department and region) has been extended. As such, the dwellings located in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion Island or Mayotte must be a main residence having been the subject of a building permit deposit before May 1, 2010.

What is the maximum amount allocated and its reimbursement period?

  • The amount of PTZ works

The amount allocated by the banks for a PTZ works cannot exceed 30,000 €. Intermediate levels exist. It all depends on the work that will be carried out according to the so-called “option” chosen:

  • Concerning the package of work option, it is a question of carrying out at least 2 types of work from a list. In this case, the bank will lend you up to € 20,000 under a PTZ works. However, for the realization of 3 types of work or more, still within the same list, up to 30,000 € may be allocated to you.
  • Regarding the global energy performance option, you will be able to receive up to € 30,000
  • Regarding the option of rehabilitation of non-collective sanitation, a maximum of € 10,000 may be allocated.

However, it is possible to request a second work PTZ on condition that the amount initially borrowed for the 1st work PTZ does not exceed € 30,000. In this case, you will have to make a new request for PTZ works within 3 years of the issuance of the initial PTZ offer. This additional PTZ must be used to finance new work carried out on the same accommodation and corresponding to at least one of the categories of work eligible for the PTZ work. However, the ceiling of € 30,000 remains applicable for all of these two PTZs. Thus, to benefit from this additional PTZ, the sum of the initial loan and the newly concluded loan must not exceed € 30,000.

  • The repayment period of the PTZ works

The repayment period of the work loan may not be less than 3 years and may not exceed 10 years. However, given the size of the loan taken out, the bank may provide for a repayment period of more than 10 years.

This repayment period can be extended to 15 years when the PTZ work has been concluded for an amount of up to € 30,000. This means that the work loan then relates to the realization of 3 types of work, or more, contained in the work package or to the realization of the global energy performance option.

As long as the eco-PTZ is not fully reimbursed, the accommodation that benefits from it cannot be:

  • transformed into commercial or professional premises
  • assigned to seasonal rental
  • used as a second home

Failure to comply with this obligation results in full reimbursement of the outstanding capital.

What works are financed by the PTZ works?

The PTZ is intended to finance work consisting in the supply and installation of materials and equipment aimed at improving the energy performance of your home.

In addition to the 4 conditions developed below, the PTZ works also makes it possible to finance the works defined in article R319-17 of the construction and housing code. It's about :

  • the cost of removing and dumping existing structures, products and equipment
  • project management costs and studies relating to the work
  • contracting authority insurance costs possibly taken out by the borrower
  • the cost of induced work, inseparably linked to the energy saving work referred to in article R. 319-16. A joint order of the ministers responsible for construction and energy specifies the work eligible under this paragraph.

The works financed by the PTZ works must meet one of the following 4 conditions:

  • Option "package of work"

It is about carrying out a set of works simultaneously improving significantly the energy efficiency of the dwelling. The work carried out must belong to at least 2 categories of work set by article 244 quater U of the general tax code. The work eligible for PTZ work is as follows:

  • Efficient thermal insulation of roofs. According to ADEME (the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), the work must concern the entire roof.
  • Efficient thermal insulation of the exterior walls. This time, at least 50% of the walls facing the outside are concerned.
  • Efficient thermal insulation of glass walls and doors to the outside. Same as for the walls, at least 50% of the windows and patio doors must be concerned.
  • Installation or replacement of heating or domestic hot water production
  • Installation of heating using renewable energies
  • Installation of hot water production using renewable energies

Note : The ADEME site has a page dedicated to PTZ works. This page includes a very detailed descriptive table also mentioning the minimum standards to be respected.

  • Global energy performance option

For this type of work, the accommodation must have been built between January 1, 1948 and January 1, 1990. It is a question of determining the work to be carried out most suited to the accommodation by means of a thermal study rather than composing you - even your bouquet of works. This thermal study aims to determine the current energy consumption of your home and will recommend the work to be done to improve the overall energy performance.

Namely : this is a real thermal study and not a simple diagnosis of energy performance.

These works must make it possible to achieve a minimum overall performance, expressed in kilowatt-hours of primary energy per square meter and per year (kWhEP / m2 / year). The consumption target to be reached depends on the current value before work:

  • For a consumption of more than 180 kWhEP / m2 / year before works, the works must bring it to less than 150 kWhEP / m2 / year
  • For a consumption of less than 180 kWhEP / m2 / year before works, the works must bring it to less than 80.

These thresholds can be adjusted according to the climatic zone and the altitude at which the accommodation is located.

  • Option to rehabilitate non-collective sanitation

In this context, the maximum amount of PTZ works that will be allocated to you will be € 10,000.

Note : Regarding the 3 options listed, the works must not have started before the award of the PTZ works.

  • Benefit from assistance from the Housing Better program of the National Housing Agency (anah)

Very modest and modest households benefiting from assistance from Anah's Living Better program can conclude a PTZ works to finance the remainder of the works. For this, the maximum amount will be € 20,000. However, for this specific category of PTZ work, the seniority condition does not apply. This means that it is irrelevant that the dwelling was built before January 1, 1990.

Where to get a zero rate loan?

For a financial institution to be able to offer you to subscribe to a PTZ works, it must have concluded an agreement with the State. Currently, 20 banks offer it:

  • BCP Bank
  • Chalus Bank
  • Banque Populaire
  • BNP Paribas
  • Savings Bank
  • CIC
  • Agricultural credit
  • Credit North
  • Land credit
  • United States Real Estate Credit
  • Mutual credit
  • Domofinance
  • KUTXA Bank
  • The postal bank
  • LCL
  • My bank
  • Natixis
  • Societe Generale
  • Marseillaise Credit Society
  • Solfea

To know : These banks are the only ones to have concluded an agreement with the State. Thus, they are the only ones which can legally offer you to conclude a PTZ work.

How can I get a zero rate loan?

Since September 1, 2014 in mainland France and December 31, 2015 in the French overseas departments and territories, to obtain a PTZ for works, the work must be carried out by a service provider, such as a craftsman or a building company, holding the “RGE” designation. meaning Recognized Guarantor of the Environment. For more information on this "label" please go to this address.

To help you find RGE professionals near you, a directory of RGE companies has been set up by the public authorities at this address.

Once you have found the professional who will carry out your work, all you have to do is go to the banks to get your PTZ work. In this case, use the standard “quote” form along with the quotes for the work selected. The bank will then examine your file like any other loan application. In particular, it checks your repayment capacity and your debt ratio.

What to do when the work is done?

Once the work has been fully carried out, you must send, within 3 years from the date of granting your PTZ work, to your bank, all the elements justifying that the work has actually been carried out. This proof of end of work is carried out by means of the "invoices " form , depending on whether it is the package of work, the achievement of a minimum overall energy performance or the rehabilitation of a device. 'sewerage.

You can find the necessary forms at this address in the "End of work" category.