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How to obtain a solidarity micro credit?

Have you decided to start your small business, but you cannot convince banks and other financial institutions to lend you money? Know that there are solutions. Among the latter, micro credit which allows small structures to get started. Obviously, there is no question here of being too greedy and claiming hundreds of thousands of US dollars. But if you are reasonable, microcredit could be the solution that allows you to start your small but surely flourishing business.

What is micro credit?

First of all, you should know that micro credit is only intended for entrepreneurs who do not have access to loans more conventionally granted to entrepreneurs by financial institutions. Thus, micro credit is a financial device dedicated to people with a project in the process of creation or under development. This low amount credit with interest has the specificity of targeting people excluded from the traditional banking system. Importantly, micro credit can be granted individually or be granted to a group.

What is the origin of micro credit?

Microcredit made its appearance in the 1970s in Bangladesh with the creation of the Grameen Bank by Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who wanted to enable poor women in his country to develop small economic activities.

The method will then be exported to Southern countries, then transposed to United States and Europe by Maria Nowak, founder of ADIE. The success of this new economic model, which offers people at the "bottom of the social pyramid" to create their own jobs, has not been denied since.

Please note that microcredit does not do charity work but helps populations excluded from the traditional banking system so that they can become actors of development. Microfinance also offers non-financial services such as training, advice, professionalization and awareness-raising activities on various subjects.

And what is solidarity micro credit?

Now that we have made the tour of what a micro credit was, it is time to find out what solidarity micro credit consists of: its meaning, who is it for, how to get it?

First of all, know that the solidarity micro credit is a form of loan which looks like a loan that can be obtained in a bank. However, it has two important specificities. The first is that it concerns only relatively small amounts. Indeed, the sums that can be borrowed via the solidarity micro credit does not exceed a few thousand US dollars. So, if you were hoping for a fundraising that amounts to millions of US dollars, go your way: solidarity micro credit is not the solution adapted to your needs. Second specificity and not the least: as we have said, micro credit, whether solidarity or not, is intended only for micro entrepreneurs who are unable to obtain loans from banks or more traditional financial institutions. This concerns, for example, people who are systematically refused loans and who therefore fail to set up their project for lack of resources.

While some people sometimes imagine that starting a business requires a huge investment and thousands of US dollars invested, it is not in reality. Indeed, sometimes not much is enough for a micro entrepreneur to get started: this can be for example the realization of his website, the creation of business cards or even commercial brochures, to buy a new one. vehicle for his personal or professional use or to rent a small room that he will use for his small business. So, sometimes, a few thousand US dollars can help unblock a situation and be enough to start your own business.

If you are interested in solidarity micro credit, know that an association, ADIE (the association for the right to economic initiative) accepts to lend money to people wishing to embark on entrepreneurship. Loans are made at the standard rate, over fairly short terms and for an amount that must absolutely not exceed 10,000 US dollars. In 2016, this association is considered to have helped 20,000 entrepreneurs get started, lending them an average of US $ 4,000.

Other specialties of ADIE

ADIE offers business creation support services: legislative and regulatory environment as well as practical advice, for example, on the impact that the creation of a business may have on social benefits. ADIE also offers microinsurance to cover professional risks. And more recently, the association has launched micro franchise networks around gardening and digital assistance for those who prefer to undertake in a more defined framework. So, are you ready to go?