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Find a credit organization without proof of salary adapted to your needs

It's decided, you want to take out a loan to be more financially comfortable and be able to carry out a project that is close to your heart. But the universe of loans is very large and you do not know which type of loan to turn to. We take stock of the different types of existing loans and the credit organizations benefiting from the best rates so that you can find the credit organization without proof of salary the most suited to your current needs.

The different types of credits

The types of bank loans are the loans which encompass the various activities of lending money by financial institutions.

To obtain a good, several solutions are proposed to a family. The first is to buy the item or service with your savings. If this is not possible due to lack of budget, it is possible to rent the object, to rent it with progressive purchase or to borrow money from a financial institution to buy it in cash. These different possibilities will obviously depend on the borrower's situation and the use he wishes to make of the object.

There are different types of credits. Among the most commonly used, we find flexible credit. This type of loan can be for any type of purchase, even a real estate purchase. It bears this name because it leaves the possibility for the borrower to increase or decrease his monthly payments, to postpone some in the event of hard times or to partially repay the loan in advance.

The adjustable rate credit has a variable rate. That is to say that the interest rate will be indexed to an index and can therefore move either upwards or downwards. Obviously, this change in the rate will impact the repayment period or the monthly payments of the borrower.

Among the most common forms of borrowing is amortizing credit. It can be a consumer credit or a mortgage, a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan. It has the characteristic that each maturity repays both interest and part of the borrowed capital.

Consumer loans

Consumer credit is taken out to finance consumer goods of a family investment nature such as a new car, a new kitchen, a trip, etc. Consumer credit is different from real estate credit since it cannot finance a real estate purchase.

Among the most common consumer loans, we find the personal loan. This type of loan has the advantage of allowing the purchaser not to justify the purchase of the property. Thus, the borrower spends the money as he wishes, in the projects of his choice. The duration and the repayment amount of the loan are defined in advance.

The affected credit concerns a specific purchase. The borrower must justify his purchase and if the sale is not made, the credit is immediately canceled.

Revolving credit, also called revolving credit, is not intended to finance a particular asset. It is used to finance daily expenses. The borrower uses the part of the credit he wants, he is not obliged to use the whole amount. Interest is then charged only on the amount used. If the conditions of the revolving credit are more flexible, in return the rate is variable.

Credit institution without proof of salary: how to choose a credit institution without proof of salary?

Among the most popular credit organizations, we find Cetelem, Cofidis, Sofinco, FranFinance, Groupama, Cofinoga, Banque Accord, Médiatis, Finaref, Viaxel, MAAF, Allianz, AG2R, and even MMA.

These organizations offer some flexibility and will be less demanding about your financial situation. However, they will not accept your file if you are banned from banking. In this case, you will have to turn to credit organizations for banking prohibitions .

Be careful, however, loans for banking prohibition, also called credit for ficp are a much more expensive option. Also, the latter are to be chosen only in case of refusal of your consumer credit.

Obviously, traditional banks are also involved in loan applications. You can contact Banque Postale, Caisse d'Epargne, Créatis, CIC, Société Générale, BNP Paribas or even LCL. Recently, online banks are also offering online loans. This is the case with Hello bank !, Boursorama Banque or even Monabanq.

Note that it is quick and easy to find online credit comparators on the internet. If you hesitate between different types of loans or different financial institutions, take a look at the comparators. You just have to fill out the type of loan you want, fill out the express form which will take you no more than two minutes, and in a few minutes you will get the proposals from a credit organization without proof of salary. Nothing commits you, but if you find your happiness among the different proposals, nothing prevents you from contacting the credit organization without proof of salary, either directly by email, or by phone if you prefer to make an appointment live . There is no doubt that you will find the financial institution best suited to your needs.