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Find the online credit institution adapted to your needs

Once the decision has been taken to take out a loan to carry out a project, many people want the process to be quick. From now on, many financial institutions offer online simulators which allow you to obtain all the first information necessary before choosing the credit institution most suited to your project.

Your project is well matured and all you need is the finances to make your wishes come true? You can actually resort to a credit application. Know that in terms of credit, there are different kinds.

The different types of credits

Among the best known and recognized, we find the depreciable credit. This is the most common form of borrowing for individuals. When we talk about depreciable credit, it can be a consumer credit as a mortgage. The loan of the amortizing credit can be at fixed rate as at variable rate. The specific feature of this type of credit is that each maturity repays both interest and part of the borrowed capital, this is called capital amortization.

Depreciable credit is opposed to ultimately credit which, for its part, only reimburses the interest but not the borrowed capital. Particularly appropriate for rental investments, the in fine loan makes it possible to repay the capital in full at the last installment.

Also very popular, revisable or variable rate credit has an interest rate that is indexed to an index and can change, throughout the term of the loan, upwards or downwards. Obviously, these changes in the rate can considerably modify the duration of the repayment, or even the monthly payments. However, it is possible to cap the variation of the rate compared to the initial rate. In this case, we will then speak of a capped rate.

Another variant credit, flexible credit. This type of credit allows the borrower to modulate his credit as he wishes. Thus, it is possible to change, upward or downward, the monthly payments, or even postpone one or more in the event of financial difficulties. And if money comes in, it is also possible to partially repay your loan early. In general, mortgage loans fall into this flexible credit category.

Pawnbroker credit, bridging credit

More rare, the pawnbroker. The latter is granted in return for a good left as collateral. The municipal credit unions grant this type of credit, without condition of resources.

The bridging loan allows for a new acquisition when the old home owners have not yet sold. It is in fact a kind of credit in fine. The bridging loan is necessarily of short duration.

Not to be confused with an adjustable rate credit, the fixed rate credit with progressive maturity is as its name suggests, a fixed rate credit. However, each year, the maturity is increased by a certain percentage to allow for amortization. It has the advantage of getting lower monthly payments at the start, compared to a constant maturity loan. However, gradual maturity credit will be more expensive than constant maturity, even at the same interest rate.

Not much used by individuals but not to be neglected despite everything, the loan with constant capital repayment. The principle is to reimburse the same amount of capital at each maturity. As interest is calculated on the outstanding capital, the total amount due (reimbursed capital + interest) gradually decreases over time. Be careful, however, this type of credit often has a higher overall cost than the others.

Find your credit institution online

Have you decided to take out a loan but first of all want to get information on the internet, even if it means finding the most suitable credit agency for your project directly online? We advise you to use credit comparators to find the best online credit organization . Very numerous on the web, financial institutions offering online loans allow borrowers a significant time saving.

Be aware that traditional banks are also very often involved in loan distribution: the Caisse d'Epargne, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale, CIC, Banque Postale and many others are among these financial institutions willing to lend you. money. Most of them have easy to use websites and even offer credit simulators. In a few clicks, you just have to fill in the information (amount borrowed, repayment duration, total cost of credit etc.) in order to obtain the returns in a few days and to be able to compare credit organizations online. Then it's up to you to select the most attractive rates before finalizing your project. Most of these simulators, however, do not offer credit organizations for banking prohibitions . Also, if you find yourself in this situation, you will need to carry out a targeted and precise research in order to find the best credit for ficp .