Quick personal loan without proof

The personal loan can be used at the will of the borrower. Easy and fast, it appeals to borrowers. How to get a loan without proof?

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How to get a quick personal loan without proof?

The personal loan has the advantage of being able to be used at the will of the borrower. Easy and quick to set up, it appeals to a large number of borrowers. But how to get a personal loan quickly and without proof? Our answers here.

The personal loan, what is it?

The personal loan is a type of consumer credit that is spread over a few months or a few years but never exceeds five years. It is an aid to the realization of personal projects of different types. At the signing of the contract, the loan conditions are known by the borrower. Interest rate, monthly payments and total cost of credit are fixed. Obviously, the faster the loan is repaid, the lower the total cost will be.

One of the main advantages of the personal loan is that the borrower can finance whatever he wants. Indeed, it can just as easily be used to change the decoration of its interior, as to buy a car or finance a vacation.

Since 2011, a law has stipulated that contracts related to personal loans must be more readable for the consumer. Thus, a certain amount of information must absolutely appear there. Among them, the type of credit, the total amount of it as well as the conditions of provision of funds, the duration of the contract, the costs related to the execution of the credit contract, the borrowing rate or the rate. global effective annual and the total amount owed by the borrower, calculated at the time of entering into the credit agreement.

The withdrawal period

Since 2011, the withdrawal period following the subscription of a personal loan has been reduced from 7 to 14 days. After signing the loan, the borrower therefore has 14 days during which he has the right to change his mind and renounce his credit. If you wish to retract, know that a withdrawal slip is attached to the contract and aims to cancel the loan. You just have to return it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated.

Get a quick personal loan without proof

As a general rule, it is possible to get a quick personal loan without proof. This has the consequence that the acceptance rules are very often stricter, since no proof is required. The financial institution will therefore establish a more in-depth analysis of the applicant's profile in order to have more guarantees (stable employment, good income, debt ratio, etc.). In any case, the debt will not exceed 33% of the borrower's income.

How to make a request?

If you want to obtain a quick personal loan without proof, you must first submit a request to the chosen financial institution. Obviously, several administrative documents must be provided so that the establishment can assess the repayment capacity. It is a question of providing identity documents, payslips, the amount of his expenses or the credits in progress in order to prove his good financial capacity.

It will then be checked with the Central Individual Credit Register that the borrower is not experiencing any difficulties in repaying his outstanding loans. Obviously, there is no point in making a situation of over-indebtedness worse. Other financing solutions will be considered if the borrower has too low an income.

Very often, this request can be made on the internet, very quickly. A few days later, you will receive a response to your request. Be aware that this can occur in less than 48 hours.

Indeed, many organizations have understood that borrowers are often in emergency situations and allow borrowers to obtain a 24 hour credit without proof .

How to benefit from the best offers for your quick personal loan application without proof?

Obtaining a quick personal loan without proof is possible, it is still necessary to benefit from the best offers for this loan to be as profitable as possible. To benefit from the best offers, it is advisable to make this request online and use an offer comparator. In a few clicks, this tool sorts hundreds of loan proposals and selects those that may suit you and that offer the most advantageous rates. A significant time saving for those in a hurry. Those who prefer contact will obviously be able to physically visit several banks and then compare the offers.

A personal loan without proof of income, is it possible?

With a personal loan, you don't have to justify your purchase. The borrowed money is used as the borrower wishes. But is it possible to benefit from a personal loan when one does not have proof of income? This exists but it is not then a personal loan, but a personal loan without proof of income . Ideal for students, temporary workers or self-employed people, this type of loan has the disadvantage of offering higher interest rates. Be careful to check that the debt ratio does not jeopardize your survival and remember to compare the offers. Online comparators are the best way to find an offer that best suits your situation.