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Obtain personal credit online

More and more financial institutions offer individuals the possibility of obtaining personal credit online. This quick and easy process allows those in a hurry to take the first steps without having to travel.

Personal credit: quesako?

Personal credit is a type of consumer credit. It offers the subscriber the possibility of financing projects, even without a contribution. The personal loan is often spread over several years, but cannot go beyond 5 years. The amount borrowed will be 75,000 US dollars maximum. Please note, it is impossible to take out a personal loan online if your project is real estate. In this case, it will be imperative to take out a mortgage.

In addition, personal credit is not a quick online credit without proof of salary . To obtain a personal loan, you will always need to have a stable source of income.

Why choose a personal loan?

The loan conditions are known when the contract is signed. The interest rate, the amount of monthly payments and the total cost of credit are fixed. They depend on the amount borrowed and the repayment term chosen by the borrower. The faster you pay off, the lower the cost of your loan.

The personal loan offers the borrower the possibility of financing the projects he wants, as he wishes, without any justification. These expenses can relate to the purchase of a new vehicle as well as the fitting out of a home or even the management of unforeseen expenses.

The different types of personal loan

Whatever the formula chosen, the personal loan will always be calculated according to the borrower's income and the debt ratio should not exceed 33%.

Among the most common personal loans, there is the personal work loan. Moving in progress, renovation or decoration work in your new home? Opt for the personal work loan. The latter is aimed at both tenants and owners, whether it is to finance the work of a main residence or a secondary residence.

Need to change vehicle? Want to treat yourself to a motorbike, quad or even a motorhome for the holidays? The personal auto loan is for you. The personal auto loan finances both a property sold by an individual than by a garage owner or dealer or even sold by an intermediary such as a car manufacturer. The personal auto loan finances any type of vehicle (city car, family car, sedan, minivan, car without a license etc. two-wheelers, motorbikes, scooters, camper vans, caravans, quad bikes, karts etc.).

If your needs are elsewhere and you want to get away for a while and enjoy a trip or even install a home cinema in your home, you can subscribe to a personal leisure loan that will allow you to finance both vacation, computer equipment or the purchase of multimedia.

Finally, the personal cash loan will allow you to finance a particular event (wedding, birthday, etc.), the financing of your studies or those of a loved one, or even unforeseen expenses.

Since 2011, the Lagarde law has protected consumers when taking out a loan. Thus, it is imperative that certain information appear in the contract binding the underwriter of the loan to the lending institution. Among the latter: the type of credit, the total amount of credit and the conditions for making funds available, the duration of the credit contract, the amount, number and periodicity of the borrower's maturities, the borrowing rate and the conditions applicable to this rate, the annual percentage rate and the total amount owed by the borrower and the costs related to the execution of the credit agreement.

The withdrawal period when subscribing to a personal credit online

Since May 1, 2011, the withdrawal period when subscribing to a personal loan has been changed. It has indeed gone from 7 days to 14 days. Indeed, after signing the contract, the borrower has 14 calendar days to renounce the personal credit and thus exercise his right of withdrawal. Nothing could be simpler, just use the withdrawal slip, detachable from the contract, and return it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated.

Thanks to the generalization of the Internet, you no longer need to travel to complete an online personal credit application. It is now possible to submit your request remotely. You can fill out the form directly in a few clicks. The information will be transmitted quickly to the establishment you have chosen. Practical, fast and secure, online personal credit allows individuals to obtain a return from the bank in approximately 48 hours.

If the prior offer suits you, it will be sent to your home by post. Date and sign the document will be your only missions. Then send the document with all the supporting documents requested. The final answer will be communicated to you a few days later. Know that in case of refusal of the personal loan microcredit may be an option. This option will, however, be much more expensive.