Personal credit without proof

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How to obtain a personal loan without proof?

Do you have several projects in mind but nothing defined and do not yet know how to finance them? This article is made for you. We show you how to get personal credit without proof to make your dreams come true, even the wildest ones, and above all not to break the bank.

There are many reasons for individuals to borrow money and make a personal loan . A beautiful project can be the origin of the loan, if for example the purchaser decides to buy a new car, to redo his kitchen, to go on a trip or to change furniture. But other projects can also be the source of a loan. And sometimes it is difficult for the borrower to know exactly how they will use the money.

What is a consumer credit?

Taking out a consumer loan is the fastest way to get money from a financial institution. An effective way to not have to wait to have saved the desired amount. Since July 1, 2010, consumer credit has been governed by the Lagarde law, which makes it possible to avoid the risk of indebtedness for individuals who subscribe to it.

Consumer credit is a category of loan that is particularly characterized by low amounts (no comparison with a mortgage, for example, where the amounts will be much higher) as well as a relatively short duration, not exceeding a few years (there also the clearest difference is made with the mortgage loans whose loans oscillate between 15 and 30 years). You will understand, it is impossible to subscribe to a consumer credit if your project concerns a real estate purchase.

How does consumer credit work?

It is established between a financial institution (the lender) and a borrower. It is an important step, which binds the two parties and engages them. On the one hand the financial institution undertakes to lend money to the borrower and on the other hand the borrower who undertakes to repay the borrowed sum as well as the interest.

How to subscribe to a consumer credit?

If you have decided to take out a consumer credit with a lender, you will need to sign a contract. Be sure to check that several information is included, in particular the identity of the lender and the borrower, the address of these two parties, the type of consumer credit subscribed, the amount of the latter, the conditions of provision of funds , the maximum duration of the credit, the periodicity of the maturities, the annual percentage rate of charge and the existence of the right of withdrawal are the main information which must imperatively be specified in the contract between the borrower and the bank.

What is the withdrawal period?

As specified in the previous paragraph, a consumer loan always has a right of withdrawal. This means that the borrower has the option to retract for a period after taking out the loan. The right of withdrawal is valid for 14 working days from the day after signing the loan.

Be aware that during the withdrawal period, the borrowed funds are not yet released. However, it is possible to obtain a shortened withdrawal period in order to release the funds more quickly. The withdrawal period will be a minimum of 7 days, regardless of the loan.

The different types of consumer credit

There are different types of consumer credit. We often talk about affected credit and unaffected credit.

When taking out an affected loan, the amount, duration and repayments due are known in advance. As a general rule, this type of credit is taken out directly at the point of sale when purchasing a vehicle, for example, or at a travel agency. The allocated credit will be granted for a period exceeding three months and for an amount between US $ 200 and US $ 75,000.

Personal credit without proof

Another type of consumer credit: the unaffected loan. If you want to opt for a personal credit without proof, then the unaffected credit is ideal for you. It allows you to have your funds freely and use them however you want, whether for planned or unforeseen expenses. This type of loan has the advantage of being generally more easily negotiable than an affected loan and you do not have to justify its use. On the other hand, you will have to justify stable and sufficient income. In case of insufficient income, it will be necessary to have recourse to microcredit which is another type of fast online credit without proof of salary .

The best known of the unallocated credits remains the personal loan. Please note, the personal loan is only granted on condition that you know the desired amount. If you do not yet know what your personal credit will finance without proof, do it according to your income so as not to get into debt. The amount borrowed is fixed and determined upstream of the subscription. A specific amount is granted to you according to your repayment capacities and once the loan has been obtained, the expenses are yours, without proof.