Urgent credit

Although it does not correspond to a specific type of loan, the possibility of obtaining urgent credit corresponds to the disposal of a sum of money, even of a good or a service, much more quickly than in as part of a conventional loan. For this, it is necessary to master the different stages of a loan in order to optimize them and to benefit from urgent credit.

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Whether it is to deal with an unforeseen event or to quickly materialize a project, urgent credit allows you to quickly obtain a sum of money via an accelerated procedure. To avoid falling into the nets of fraudulent operators, it is important to master the keys to urgent credit.

Definition of urgent credit: what is urgent credit?

Unlike the tempting offers offered on the Internet, in United States, there is no urgent credit allowing you to get your loan instantly and have the transfer immediately. Indeed, the French legal framework prohibits this type of practice, for the sake of protecting the lay consumer.

Urgent credit simply corresponds to a loan whose conclusion takes place more quickly than during a so-called conventional procedure. On average, depending on the allocation that will be made of the borrowed sum, it will be necessary to wait between 15-20 days to 2 months to be able to benefit from the money within the framework of a traditional loan. The purpose of urgent credit is to shorten these times.

It is thanks to the development of the internet that urgent credit has been able to develop. Previously, it was necessary to go to a banking establishment or a credit company in order to obtain a loan. The web is characterized by its speed, even its instantaneousness, hence the fact that this support is particularly suitable for obtaining urgent credit. Online services today make it possible to find, subscribe and borrow quickly.

The different types of urgent credit.

Urgent credit is not a specific type of loan. It therefore does not have its own name. By the expression "urgent credit" is meant simply the fact of being able to benefit quickly from the borrowed capital.

This is why we must in reality distinguish several cases of urgent credit depending on the use that will be made subsequently of the borrowed money.

Thus urgent credit can group together various situations. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is a consumer loan or not, an affected loan or a store loan.

Also, the legislator, for the sake of consumer protection, has drawn up a whole set of regulations on the exercise of the withdrawal period in this matter. A brake on obtaining urgent credit, it is nonetheless reconcilable.

The consumer withdrawal period: an urgent credit barrier?

In terms of consumption, legislation has gradually imposed strict deadlines that are often difficult to reconcile with the speed required to obtain urgent credit. Consumer credit targets operations other than those related to real estate: it concerns the purchase of consumer goods, such as household appliances or a vehicle, for example, or of funds made available in cash. Existing in various forms, its amount is up to 75,000 US dollars and the repayment term is more than three months.

In United States, the withdrawal period was 7 days until the Hamon law of March 17, 2014. Since then, it has been 14 calendar days , including in the context of an urgent credit. This period begins to run the day after the day on which the urgent credit is signed. It corresponds to a right given to the borrower, having signed a consumer credit offer, to reverse his urgent credit decision during this period. The contract will be canceled and the borrower will not be engaged. If this period may appear restrictive for an urgent credit, it has a legitimate objective, however, since it allows the borrower not to commit due to an impulsive decision often influenced by commercial practices.

In this context, urgent credit can target two main types of consumer loan. First of all, the borrower enjoys freedom in using the amount of his urgent credit under the personal loan. The withdrawal period of 14 calendar days begins to run from the date of signing of the urgent credit. Already signed, the urgent credit agreement is however frozen during the expiration of this period, which means that the lender will not be able to make the funds available to the borrower before the expiry of the period for exercising the right of withdrawal. . If the borrower has not exercised his right of withdrawal during this period, by sending the form provided for this purpose, the urgent credit contract becomes final and the lender can finally make the funds available to him.

Another form of consumer credit allows more flexible operation and is more compatible with urgent credit: assigned credit. This is a loan linked to a specific purchase, namely movable property or a service. The principle period for exercising the right of withdrawal of an affected urgent credit remains 14 calendar days: this is why the seller cannot in theory deliver the goods or start the service before the expiration of this time limit. It can only be executed at the end of the 14 days. However, this category of loan is more compatible with urgent credit because it is possible for the borrower to request a reduction in the withdrawal period in order to be delivered, or to benefit from the service, immediately. To do this, the borrower must indicate on the sales contract, using urgent credit, specific mentions, which will be written by hand on pain of invalidity. Please note, the new withdrawal period must be between 3 and 14 calendar days after the day of signing the urgent credit agreement. A model of the declaration to be made by the urgent credit borrower is provided on the official site service-public.fr: "I ask to be delivered immediately / to benefit immediately from the provision of services. The legal withdrawal period from my credit contract therefore expires on the date of delivery / performance of the service, without being able to be less than three days or more than fourteen days following its signature. I am bound by my main sales contract from the fourth day after it is signed. »This saves more than 11 days. This is why this type of loan should be preferred if the borrower needs urgent credit and the amount borrowed is aimed at a specific purchase.

Advice for obtaining urgent credit at the best conditions: How to obtain urgent credit at the best rate?

As we have seen previously, urgent credit simply corresponds to the relief and optimization of the classic procedure for obtaining a loan. The development of the web has enabled the development of urgent credit through online loan offers: physical door-to-door access to borrowers is no longer essential and it is now possible to stay at home. Faster, this approach offers the advantage of accessing urgent credit and is particularly suited to a need for quick money.

However, speed should not be confused with precipitation. Indeed, an urgent credit does not exempt you from taking a tour of the market. A borrower who has made his choice of urgent credit without comparison runs the risk of finding himself facing unfavorable financial conditions. This is why it is essential to compare the different credit offers yourself, or through an online credit comparator such as New Buryday Lilies. After requesting urgent credit needs (particularly the amount borrowed via urgent credit and the duration during which the borrower wishes to repay his urgent credit), the comparator will offer a panel of different urgent credit offers the most advantageous and instantly.

If you want to get an urgent credit, do not forget some ideas listed below that apply particularly to the personal loan:

  1. Choose a credit company rather than a bank or an insurer . Indeed, it is generally faster and therefore more suitable for urgent credit because of its specialization and much shorter procedures. Most of the companies on the market offer an immediate response in principle to grant you urgent consumer credit. Therefore, the funds will be released more quickly.
  2. An urgent credit entry online gets faster. While it is still possible today to apply for a loan by phone or at a branch, the establishments from which you can obtain urgent credit offer loan applications online, directly on the website. Traditional establishments, offering loans to the public, have taken note of this progress and are now offering their service via the Internet. Thus, large banks such as Crédit Lyonnais (LCL), CIC, Société Générale and others, but also specialized institutions such as Cetelem or Cofinoga have popularized the online loan offer and have therefore made it possible to obtain a loan. urgent credit. This economical solution means that there is no longer any need to travel to get a loan. All the formalities are carried out via the Internet, in just a few clicks. After performing the simulation of your urgent credit and providing some personal information, a response in principle is obtained quickly, even instantly. The first step in obtaining urgent credit is thus taken in record time and you will know which establishments are ready to accept your urgent credit request. This process allows the sending of the credit agreement, without you being committed. Thus, do not hesitate to multiply online requests to, subsequently, compare the different urgent credit offers, possibly at home in peace. As such, we remind you that the use of online credit comparators, such New Buryday Lilies, is a godsend to seize because they bring together the main urgent credit offers on the market and only ask for your information once. You only have to choose the urgent credit offer that best suits your projects and your needs. Finally, if you wish to further speed up the process and have an urgent credit, once the favorable response has been obtained, you are advised to collect the supporting documents requested and send them to the chosen credit institution without waiting for the receipt of the loan agreement.
  3. Once the contract has been received, read it quickly and send it as quickly as possible to the credit organization. The final validation of your urgent credit request can only be done after verification, by the establishment, of the information provided during the online request. Thus, money transfer is only possible after this step. Conventionally, the documents requested during a consumer loan are: an identity document, a bank identity statement, proof of address, pay slips or even a tax notice. These documents are essential and allow the organization, responding to your urgent credit request, to check your solvency and therefore your ability to meet the terms of the contract by repaying your urgent credit on the agreed terms. Finally, your acceptance of the urgent credit contract is materialized by signing it.

If in principle the lender sends the urgent credit contract by post, it is possible for the borrower to print it following the response in principle from the establishment and send it directly: this allows save several days and thus obtain urgent credit.

If you follow these different steps, the average time to issue your urgent credit funds will be 10 to 12 days. Indeed, let us remember, the response indicated by the organization with which you wish to contract the urgent credit corresponds only to a request in principle: it is subject to validation and therefore to final acceptance only after the return of the contract. and sending the supporting documents requested. This is why, since you have no control over the lender's validation period, you must best optimize the steps listed above in order to shorten this period and obtain urgent credit. Properly prepared and informed application is the key to getting urgent credit on a personal loan.

Update on auto credit: urgent credit in high demand by consumers.

Auto credit is a specific form of consumer credit allocated to the purchase of a vehicle. In many situations, the purchase, or the replacement, of a vehicle must be done extremely quickly: breakdowns, traffic accidents, a new job obtained, are all reasons to wish for an urgent credit to finance the acquisition. fast from a car.

If you want to buy a vehicle and you do not have the necessary funds, know that it will be much more advantageous for you to apply for an urgent auto credit than a classic urgent credit application. The interest rate of this type of urgent credit varies between 3 and 9% depending on the characteristics of the borrower, the amount and the repayment period chosen. The attractiveness of this type of urgent credit is explained by its affected loan character, the car constituting a safe guarantee for lending organizations in the event of repayment difficulty. This is why this type of urgent credit is generally cheaper than other types of loan.

On average, like other urgent loans, the time to get the money for an auto loan is about ten days. If different steps must be followed, we will below combine them with some advice in order to reduce the time as much as possible and to benefit from an urgent credit.

Step 1: Apply for urgent auto credit.

Credit affected, the request for an urgent auto loan must be accompanied by proof of purchase. This is why this type of urgent credit is only intended for financing a new vehicle, or even in some cases a used vehicle if it is done from a dealer. The justification corresponds to the vehicle purchase order or the invoice issued by the professional. Personal-to-person purchases are therefore excluded from this type of urgent credit.

An urgent credit requires that the budget necessary for the purchase of the vehicle be carefully defined in order to precisely regulate the demand addressed to the lenders. The more precise the request for urgent auto credit, the faster it will be possible to obtain the necessary funds.

Then, it is necessary to obtain a prior agreement for the request for urgent auto credit: it is at this stage that the borrower will know if a credit institution is ready to participate in the financing of the purchase of his vehicle. If this is the case, he receives a contract to sign but without being committed. If this step must be carried out quickly when an urgent credit is desired, doing it as soon as possible also makes it possible to precisely determine the real purchase budget by taking into account the interest rates that will apply. In order to get the best deal and get a first assessment while getting urgent credit, just use the New Buryday Lilies comparison site.

Once the acceptance of the lender, and therefore the urgent credit agreement, obtained, the order of the car can be carried out with the professional. As a general rule, a deposit must be paid by the consumer at this stage when no fund has yet been issued by the body issuing the urgent credit. It is therefore necessary at the same time to have already gathered all the supporting documents requested in order to quickly finalize the urgent credit file (identity document, pay slips, tax notice, bank identity statement, etc.). Once the proof of purchase of the vehicle held by the consumer, the complete file must be submitted to the chosen establishment so that it can proceed to the study of the urgent credit request. Although this period of validation of urgent credit escapes the will of the borrower, it remains fairly rapid: between 3 and 4 days on average, because it was previously accompanied by a response in principle. The funds can then be delivered, as a general rule within ten days.

In conclusion, as for the personal loan, in matters of urgent credit, saving time requires a preliminary study and a comparison of the various offers on the market, associated with a precise and rigorous preparation of its project.

Step 2: The provision of funds.

In United States, a legal deadline of 7 days must imperatively be respected after the date of signature of the credit offer, even in the event of urgent credit, so that the funds are officially made available. This period must obviously be reconciled with the withdrawal period, previously studied, of 14 calendar days from the signing of the credit agreement.

If payment of the amount borrowed via the urgent credit, takes place between the 8th and 14th after the signing, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal by the borrower, he will have to reimburse the sum that was paid to him. Please note, the repayment of the urgent credit will be accompanied by the accumulated interest on the capital since the date of provision of the funds, without however a termination indemnity being able to be claimed. This is the reason why the vast majority of lenders wait for the expiry of the withdrawal period in order to proceed with the transfer to the account of the borrower of the urgent credit.

The funds for an urgent auto loan will therefore generally be paid within 15 days, this period taking into account the different stages that any loan must complete. The duration may still lengthen if the urgent auto loan is concluded with a bank because it will generally be necessary to add, under the stages, a meeting in a branch.

To conclude, if the urgent credit aims to finance the acquisition of a vehicle, it is preferable to opt for a car loan, more advantageous than a classic urgent credit, and to make the request online via an organization of credit. If it is still necessary to remind you, the New Buryday Lilies site supports you during your process by proposing and comparing for you the available urgent car credit offers.

Urgent store credit: master this type of small urgent credit without breaking the bank.

Urgent store credit corresponds to a payment facility, that is to say a set of deferred payment methods granted to a buyer. Frequently used in stores and large online brands, the principle is to give the customer time to allow reimbursement for the purchase of a good or the use of a service. Allowing to increase sales and a real commercial advantage, the seller gives his agreement for a payment period or a deferral of payment for the benefit of the consumer.

True urgent credit because it is in principle granted quickly, this type of urgent credit is either free or paying because it is accompanied by interest. While in principle everyone wins via urgent store credit, due to the seller's adaptation to the customer's budget, many abuses have led the legislator to adopt laws to regulate urgent store credit.

The main characteristic of urgent store credit is that it corresponds to a loan allocated to a specific purchase: it therefore only allows the financing of a good or a service, but never of a sum of money.

Typically, urgent store credit takes the form of store credit cards. Extremely common, these urgent credit cards correspond to revolving credits. There are different formulas: cash payment, whether immediate or deferred; payment in installments, with or without fees; payment in small monthly installments. The rates applied in the event of postponement, or payment in small monthly installments, can be zero as close to the rate of usury, that is to say corresponding to 20% of APR. You must therefore be vigilant about this type of practice so that this urgent credit does not cost you more than it earns you.

Today, the seller is obliged to have the urgent store credit assigned to the sale: therefore, the sale and the urgent store credit are dependent on each other. Taken together, it is the archetype of urgent credit because it is taken out at the same time as the sale. However, it should be noted that the provisions relating to consumer credit are also applicable in this area, in particular concerning the withdrawal period. This is why the period of 14 calendar days applies in principle, subject to the reduction provided for this type of affected credit: as a reminder, it is possible to make a request for a reduction in the period of payment on the sales contract. withdrawal in order to benefit immediately from the delivery of the goods or the performance of the service. True urgent credit, it is once again necessary to ensure that your project matures properly by researching information and careful preparation.