Be at the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank

Be at the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank

Nowadays, acquiring a new computer or a new phone can quickly become difficult due to their sky-high prices. Gone are the days when buying a laptop was only a small part of our budget! However, there are still solutions to acquire these new technologies without spending too much.

What if we want to acquire new technologies without spending too much?

First of all, it is important to be aware of your budget. Do your math and figure out the range of prices you can afford to pay without having to end up in the red. Tell yourself that it is an investment, of course, but not always over the very long term given the constant evolution of new technologies. Also ask yourself if you really need this new product and remember to define the reasons that push you to make this purchase so that you can better understand your needs.

How to get a computer without breaking the bank?

To get started, define your needs . Why do you need a computer? Is it for professional needs? Is it because you love video games? Or just to access the Internet? Do you need a desktop or a laptop? Do you need to transport it often? Should it be light to facilitate its transport? Do you need a powerful computer? Are you going to use it for tasks that require a powerful processor like editing videos? Do you need a big screen? Knowing the functionalities as well as the features you need will allow you to better target the type of computer to buy. Note that computers for video games are often the most powerful processors.

Do you already have an idea of ​​which manufacturer you want to turn to? Among the best known brands are Samsung, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Sony and Fujitsu. If you already know which manufacturer could best meet your needs, it will make your research easier. Otherwise, find out about each of them, consider taking a tour of the manufacturers' sites to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the computers that might interest you. Also, don't forget to read consumer reviews which are often very representative of the quality of a product and could save you from trouble with buying a new device. Durability is also a very important criterion, so it is wise to find out about this point if you want to save money in the long term.

Limit yourself to your needs. Don't buy a computer with all kinds of features that you don't need. Targeting the features you really need will help you stay within your budget.

Buy online. The prices of computers sold online are often lower than what you will find in a store. In addition, buying online will allow you to take the time to think carefully for yourself, without having to be convinced by a seller.

Buy an older model. Depending on your needs, you don't necessarily need to buy a state-of-the-art computer. By simply purchasing the model before the most recently released one, you could save several hundred US dollars. The most recent models do not always show significant improvements compared to their predecessors. So, by buying a slightly older model, you will spend much less while having a similar quality. If you need a computer for simple functions like office automation or internet access, you might not even notice the difference between the recently released model and an older one.

The opportunity, why not? These days, it's hard to find new computers that don't have certain features (like a built-in webcam, for example) that you don't necessarily need and still have to pay for if you buy something new. The purchase of used devices can, in some cases, better meet your needs. A high-tech product bought today loses about 50% of its value in the months that follow. Thus, by buying second-hand, you will often have the chance to have a good quality / price ratio. It is a very good alternative if you need a computer for simple use that does not require special features.

This can be a good solution too, if you want to buy a fairly new product but cannot afford to buy new. For example, try sites like Leboncoin or Ebay which are full of ads from individuals wishing to resell devices they no longer use. However, remember that when you buy second-hand it is at your own risk and you may end up with a poor quality product that does not meet your expectations at all. So, if you have the chance to do so, test the device before you buy it. This may be possible, for example, if you meet with the individual in person to close the sale. You can also buy used devices from professionals.

The price of a used device is often between 20% and 60% of the price of a new device. However, the guarantees, performance and condition of the computer vary greatly depending on the vendor, as do the accessories that will be supplied to you. So, it can be a good alternative in some cases but it remains a risky bet.

Also remember to find out from those around you (your family or friends, for example) if someone does not want to sell their computer. This will allow you to get a good deal without worrying too much about it.

Try a refurbished computer . Refurbished computers are subject to very precise specifications, unlike used computers. It is a material that has been rehabilitated in order to extend its use. Often, too, this can refer to almost new equipment that has been returned by a customer or to a model with a slight manufacturing defect (a scratch for example) which does not affect its use. These computers are subjected to close inspection, reformatted, and refurbished. Anything that is faulty is repaired or changed. It differs from the used product in particular by the fact that it has often not or very little used. The guarantees are generally the same as for new products, the only difference being that they do not cover, for example, visual imperfections which justify their reconditioning. However, an aesthetic imperfection is not always present, it depends on the case.

The performance of these computers is just as good as that of new computers, they are often equipped with the same technological innovations and the most recent operating system. The original accessories are also provided. Ultimately, buying a refurbished computer can get you all the benefits of a new computer at a very reasonable price. Thus, you will be able to save several hundred US dollars while acquiring a quality computer. Normally, the price of a refurbished device is between 70% and 80% of the price of the same device, new.

Be on the lookout for offers and promotions. Some companies, which buy computers in large quantities, have discounts from manufacturers. So if you or a member of your family work for such a company, it would be wise to go through it to acquire a computer, it would save you a certain amount of money.

If you are a student, you can also find discounts from some manufacturers. For example, some institutions offer Apple products for students at prices up to 12% less than the initial price. Likewise, with the Microsoft Campus program, it is possible to buy a new laptop at a reduced price.

If you are buying on the internet, be sure to do your research regarding promotional codes. You can find them on many sites and by using them on your purchase (most online shopping sites offer to enter a promotional code at checkout), you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Also remember to compare the different sales sites because some are cheaper than others, while offering the same products, of the same quality.

Don't forget the sales ! Once you have chosen the model you want to acquire, if your needs are not urgent, you can always wait a bit to buy it at the time of year when it will be the cheapest (according to the manufacturers, this can be during sales but also over another period). You will be able to make big savings. At Apple, for example, the best deals tend to appear in the spring or fall. You can find websites on the internet that predict whether prices will fall or rise from different suppliers, which will help you save money if you know how to be a little patient.

If you are ever interested in a model released several months ago, chances are good that a new model will be released soon, which will lower the price of the one you are interested in. So, it's worth the wait!

How to get a cell phone without breaking the bank?

The tips mentioned above for computers are also applicable to cell phones, especially smartphones. It is above all important to define your needs. Be careful not to buy phones that have features you don't need. For example, do not take a laptop with a very large screen if it is not necessary. If you already have a camera, you don't necessarily need a phone with a quality built-in camera.

Also think about brands that are not necessarily very well known instead of buying products from popular brands. If you look carefully, you will be able to get a laptop at a much lower price and sometimes the same performance as a popular cell phone.

As with computers, when a new model of cell phone goes on sale, the price of the previous one drops dramatically. So, it would be wise to wait for the release of a new model if you have already made your choice and if you do not need it urgently. Also, newer models often offer very small improvements, so much so that sometimes the difference between a newer model and an older one is barely noticeable.

One of the solutions also to acquire a telephone without having to spend a large sum of money all at once, is to take it in addition to a package , from an operator. Depending on the operators and the packages, you will be able to get one at a very low price (with a minimum of 30% discount on the initial price of the phone). This can be advantageous if you find a plan that meets your needs and if you plan to keep the phone for the duration of the contract (12 or 24 months in general). Often times, the longer the contract period, the cheaper the phones sold with it. However, when you have finished paying for your phone with this subscription, after 12 or 24 months you will continue to pay for the plan at the same price, it will not go down, which is not very favorable. However, you can always cancel your subscription at that time and start over with a new phone and plan. Note that your operator may decide to offer you a discount on your plan to dissuade you from terminating the contract.

You can also save by combining your subscription for your telephone with your Internet access, your calls via the landline and your television. Access providers often offer packages that can be very advantageous. Likewise, you can also significantly reduce your bills if all your family members subscribe to a plan with the same operator. Different operators often offer big discounts if you take multiple packages at the same time.

Also remember to check the balance of your loyalty points if you already have a subscription with an operator. If it is high enough, it will allow you to get discounts on the purchase of a new phone. However, this will most of the time involve your re-engagement with this operator. So this is not necessarily the best solution if you no longer want to be a customer with it.

One tip would be to buy your phone during the holiday season , there are often lower prices or some great deals that could save you a lot of money. Use an online comparator to find the best deal, this will give you an idea.

Just like with computers if you think a used phone would be right for you, you can always go to sites where there are individuals wishing to resell their phones. However, test them before you buy them if you have the chance to make sure you get a good deal. Otherwise, if you're worried about getting ripped off, refurbished phones are still a better option even if they are priced a bit higher.

If you want to buy a new phone as a replacement for the one you have now, also consider reselling your old phone or having it recycled . You will be able to get some money from it if the laptop is in good condition.

If you ever want to buy a new phone because the one you currently have is broken, check if your warranty is still valid and if they can allow you to have it repaired from the seller. This will keep you from spending money on a new phone that you don't necessarily need.

Once you get a new phone, take care of it as much as you can so that you have the option of keeping it for a long time and not having to buy one again quickly. Protect it, for example, with a protective shell to limit damage in the event of a fall. You can also equip its screen with a tempered glass protection. However, be careful and try, as much as you can, to avoid falls as these protections, while useful, do not guarantee complete safety of the phone. Remember that a shock, even if it is not fatal, can still cause damage and weaken its functioning.

Finally, there is another solution, the rental of Smartphones. You will also have a cell phone for a limited time (most often 12 or 24 months) by paying monthly rent. At the end of the rental, you must return it in good used condition and you can then leave for a new phone. However, when you do the total calculation, the savings made with this option are not very significant, so buying a phone directly may be more advantageous since it will be yours and you will have the option of reselling it. thereafter if you wish. In the context of a rental, if the phone ever breaks or if the user loses it for example, he will be obliged to pay a lump sum as well as all the remaining rents, not to mention the fact that he does not 'will have more phone. For example, at Free Mobile, a subscriber who loses their iPhone a year after renting it would have to pay a total of US $ 887 (US $ 99 upfront payment + US $ 288 rental + US $ 500 lump sum) .

Aid and loans for low-income people

If you ever have a low income, there are suitable solutions to help you finance the purchase of new technologies, especially when it comes to computer hardware. If you are at RSA or if you are a job seeker, you can try to finance your computer equipment thanks to the Pôle Emploi or the CAF which offer small loans for the purchase of a computer at 1 US dollar per day. If you are unemployed, financial assistance is possible to buy a computer, without incurring administrative costs.

The loan of computer equipment to CA F allows you to equip yourself with computer equipment (PC, laptop, tablet, printer, etc.) without having to break the bank. To make the request, the procedure to follow is to request a quote from the seller and then send it to CAF. The maximum amount that can be loaned is 480 US dollars and 5% of the price of the equipment will be at your expense. It is aid that can be combined with another social action loan and is paid within the limits of available funds.

The acceptance conditions are however quite strict. They include: being a beneficiary, receiving a benefit from the CAF, having a dependent child over 10 years old, within the meaning of family benefits, having a family quotient less than or equal to 620 US dollars on the date of the application, buying a new computer with its cabling and printer (are excluded: purchases on the internet and between individuals, not to proceed with the purchase before CAF's agreement, not to have benefited from this loan during the last five years and finally , have an authorization from the over-indebtedness commission if you have an ongoing file with the Bank of United States.

The last point means that if you are ever in a situation of over-indebtedness, you must apply to the Bank of United States to obtain authorization to apply for credit from CAF.

There is also another solution if you want to help yourself from the CAF: the loan of household equipment and furniture . This is applicable to various types of equipment including computer hardware (computer + printer). Here, the family quotient is different from that required for the computer loan and can be 720 US dollars. To obtain the loan, you must have at least one dependent child within the meaning of family benefits, be able to insure part of the amount of the purchase yourself and equip yourself with new equipment, not ordered at the time of the application.

Equipment loan amount for computer hardware can be up to US $ 660. The loan is repaid monthly, over a period of 25 months at most, with low maturities (a minimum of 15 US dollars per month). The first monthly payment is requested 2 months following the payment of the loan.

To obtain the loan, you must send your request to the Social Action Service of CAF. This must contain the completed “household equipment and furniture loan request” document (it can be printed on the CAF website) as well as the estimate of the device you wish to buy. You will have to wait for CAF's agreement before ordering the equipment. You can also add to this request the purchase of other equipment, not necessarily computer equipment, as long as the total loan amount does not exceed 900 US dollars. In some cases, this amount can go up to 1300 US dollars provided that the credit does not exceed 90% of the total value of the purchases. Following the signing of the contract, the loan is paid by CAF by bank transfer, directly to the suppliers.

If you are a student, there is a loan specially made for you, the student portable micro credit (MIPE) . It is a loan which makes it possible to finance the acquisition of computer equipment (computer, tablet, scanner, printer ...) from 1 US dollar per day. Requirements include being in higher education and being between 18 and 28 years old. If you don't make enough money on your own, your parents will have to stand surety for you since the banks need some money back guarantee. It is generally a loan with no application fees.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed varies depending on the lender. Normally, it can go up to a maximum of 3,000 US dollars. The interest rate varies depending on the bank but it is generally very favorable. Repayment is made in monthly installments and the duration of the contract can be up to 36 months with the possibility of prepayment of part or all of the credit, without compensation.

To be eligible, the computer must be equipped with a wifi card and desktop software. Among the banks that offer this type of credit, we find, for example, Crédit Mutuel, Crédit du Nord, CIC or even Caisse d'Epargne.

There are also regional or departmental aid which can provide access to computer equipment to students. We find, for example, the help of the Champagne-Ardenne region which concerns equipment including laptops and touch or hybrid tablets with keyboard. To be able to benefit from this assistance, it is necessary to be registered in initial training (in 2nd or 3rd post-bac year at the time of the request), in a higher education establishment located in United States and dispensing a diploma with national recognition, to be up to 27 years of age at the time of application, have a parental tax household located in Champagne-Ardenne or Aisne, have a parental family quota not exceeding US $ 18,600.

The amount awarded can be 400 US dollars if the parental family quotient is less than 10,500, 300 US dollars if the parental family quotient is between 10,500 and 14,500 US dollars or 200 US dollars if the parental family quotient is between 14,501 and 18,600 US dollars. The aid can finance up to 60% of the total cost of the computer or tablet and is valid only once during the course. Payment is made in one go, within two months at most following the date of the decision of the standing committee.

To be able to benefit from this aid, the student must make an online request on the regional aid portal, following which, the notification of the decision is sent to him within the week following the decision of the Standing Committee of the Regional Council.

Finally, there is a final solution for students, a computer grant . Most of the time, these scholarships are offered by universities and they help students finance the purchase of their laptops. For example, Jean Monnet University has launched a “laptop PC grant” operation to offer assistance of a maximum amount of US $ 200 on social and merit criteria. To benefit from it, students must be enrolled at Jean Monnet University in the second, third or fourth year (L2, L3 or M1), be grant holders on social criteria or have parents whose resources meet certain conditions, never have benefited from a laptop PC scholarship from this University. The file must be completed and sent to the University, accompanied by the supporting documents requested.

If you are not a student and you have too low an income to access a traditional bank loan, there is another solution made for you, social micro credit . It is a loan intended to promote the social or professional integration of people who are excluded from the traditional banking system (unemployed, employees on fixed-term contracts, retirees, recipients of minimum social benefits, etc.). The maximum amount can go up to 3000 US dollars in general. To benefit from a social micro credit, you can contact, for example, the Red Cross, ADIE (association for the right to economic initiative or even Secours Populaire.

The classic bank loan

If you have enough income to access it, a bank loan can help you finance the purchase of your new technology without having to spend a large amount of money all at once. You can apply for a loan for any type of purchase, whether for a computer, tablet, cell phone or other product. You have the choice, mainly between two types of credits: the affected credit and the personal loan.

The affected credit is a loan that will be linked to the purchase of the equipment you want to acquire. The money will be used only for this financing. Some sites selling equipment (computers or mobile phones for example) online offer this type of credit directly. This is the case, for example, when you see payment offers in 3 installments by simply entering the information related to your credit card. This can be very practical when this kind of financing is offered at no cost. Thus, it allows you to acquire the desired property while spending less money all at once.

You can apply for credit from a bank (not necessarily your own) or from an establishment specializing in consumer credit. On the other hand, for this, you will need to provide an estimate or an invoice in order to justify the use of the amount loaned and an interest rate will be applied to the total amount to be reimbursed (not to mention the administration fees, expenses of insurance etc.). However, the interest rate of the affected credit is often lower than that of a personal loan since the purchase of a specific property offers a certain guarantee to the lender. This also protects the borrower since if ever the latter encounters a problem with the sale (if it does not take place or if the object is defective for example), he will not have to repay the loan.

The personal loan meanwhile, is not linked to a specific purchase and allows the borrower to have the money as he wishes, without having to provide proof of its use. Thus, it can be used to buy the property that you want to acquire in particular but not only and can be used to finance other goods or services. However, unlike affected credit, it does not protect the borrower in the event that there is a problem with the sale of the item he wishes to acquire. Thus, whatever happens, he will have to repay his credit. In addition, the interest rate charged is often higher than that of an affected loan since this type of loan represents a higher risk for the lender. It is, moreover, less easily granted than an affected credit.

In both cases, since they are both consumer loans, the total amount of the loan depends on the lender, but is usually between 200 and 75,000 US dollars. The duration of the loan must be greater than 3 months and cannot exceed 7 years in most cases. Prepayment is possible in both cases. The interest rate and the conditions of acceptance vary according to the organization. In all cases, the borrower must justify a stable professional situation, have sufficient income to be able to repay his loan (enough remains to be lived with the loan), not to exceed a debt ratio of 33% with this credit In addition, if he already has credits in progress, not to be registered with the FCIP (file of payment incidents to individuals).

How to fight against planned obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence is a method of designing a product that involves deliberately giving it a limited shelf life so that it stops working properly after a certain period of time. The aim is to make consumers buy back certain products more often (such as computers or telephones, for example) so that the manufacturers in question can produce sales on a regular basis. This can, for example, lead the consumer to feel the need to buy a new version of the product he already owns.

Reselling your computer or phone just like buying them second-hand can be a good way to fight against planned obsolescence, as can repair your products if you can and maintain them as best as possible.

How to extend the lifespan of your products?

There are ways to extend the life of your devices such as computers or cellphones to avoid having to buy them regularly.

  • Extend the life of a computer

If you want to change your computer because yours has become slower and seems not to perform as well as before, there are solutions to fix this.

First of all, consider cleaning your desk . The fewer icons there are, the faster the startup will be. Vous n'avez pas forcément besoin de supprimer les fichiers ou programmes en question, simplement de les laisser dans des fichiers que vous pouvez retrouver à l'aide du Menu Démarrer par exemple. Si vous ne les utilisez pas régulièrement, cela ne sert à rien de les avoir sous les yeux et cela rend le démarrage de votre ordinateur plus lent.

Une autre solution pour optimiser les performances de votre ordinateur est de désactiver certains programmes qui se lancent automatiquement au démarrage et dont vous n'avez pas besoin à ce moment-là. Leur exécution ralentit considérablement le démarrage de votre ordinateur qui pourrait être bien plus rapide si ces programmes ne s'exécutaient pas. Si vous utilisez Windows, allez dans le menu Démarrer puis cliquez sur «Exécuter». Saisissez ensuite, sur l'écran apparu «msconfig» puis cliquez sur OK. Dans la fenêtre apparue, rendez-vous sur l'onglet «Démarrage» d'où vous pourrez décocher les cases correspondant aux programmes qui n'ont pas besoin d'être exécutés lorsque vous allumez votre ordinateur.

Supprimez les fichiers et les logiciels dont vous n'avez pas besoin . Vous pouvez, par exemple, stocker vos films, votre musique ou encore vos photos sur un disque dur externe. Cela libèrera de la place sur votre ordinateur et l'aidera à fonctionner de manière plus optimale. En ce qui concerne les logiciels, il y en a certains qui sont préinstallés sur votre ordinateur et qui peuvent être tout à fait inutiles pour votre utilisation de tous les jours. Les désinstaller permettra à votre ordinateur de fonctionner plus rapidement. Renseignez-vous sur les programmes dont vous n'avez pas besoin et qui ne sont pas nécessaires au bon fonctionnement de votre ordinateur, selon le modèle de celui-ci et le système d'exploitation. Pour désinstaller des programmes sur Windows, rendez-vous dans le Panneau de Configuration puis allez sur «Désinstaller un programme».

Utilisez régulièrement l'outil « nettoyage de disque » (si vous utilisez Windows). Pour cela il faut vous rendre dans «Ordinateur» (ou Poste de Travail en fonction de la version de Windows que vous avez), faire un clic droit sur le disque que vous souhaitez nettoyer, cliquer sur «Propriétés» puis sur l'onglet «Général» vous trouverez l'option «Nettoyage de disque». Cela vous permettra de supprimer sans risque les fichiers inutiles se trouvant sur votre ordinateur.

Défragmentez votre disque dur . Cela consiste à regrouper les fragments de fichiers qui sont éparpillés sur le disque. Le logiciel qui effectue cette action permet ainsi d'optimiser l'espace sur votre disque dur en classant ces fichiers de la manière la plus optimale pour le fonctionnement de votre ordinateur. Pour défragmenter un disque dur, la procédure est similaire à celle du nettoyage de disque seulement, une fois que vous êtes dans «Propriétés», il vous faudra aller dans «Outils» puis cliquer sur «Défragmenter maintenant». Cela peut être très utile si jamais vous constatez un certain ralentissement dans le fonctionnement de votre ordinateur, cela permettra de le relancer.

Procurez-vous un bon logiciel d'antivirus et effectuez des scans de votre ordinateur assez régulièrement. La sécurité de votre ordinateur est l'un des points les plus importants dans son fonctionnement.

Vous pouvez aussi installer CCleaner. C'est un logiciel gratuit qui permettra d'améliorer considérablement les performances de votre ordinateur.

Enfin, si vous avez l'âme bricoleuse, il existe une excellente solution pour faire fonctionner votre ordinateur comme si vous veniez de l'acheter, c'est de le dépoussiérer de l'intérieur. La poussière accumulée au fil des années autour des différents composants, en particulier celle du ventilateur de l'ordinateur, ralentit de manière importante son fonctionnement et le fait surchauffer. C'est l'une des raisons pour lesquelles il semble nécessaire d'acheter un nouvel ordinateur assez fréquemment alors qu'un simple nettoyage de l'intérieur peut permettre de récupérer une grande partie des performances, presque comme s'il avait été remis à neuf. Pour cela, il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir du matériel très avancé ou être expert dans le domaine. De plus, c'est une procédure qui ne prend généralement pas plus d'une trentaine de minutes. Il existe beaucoup de tutoriels sur internet qui peuvent vous aider à accomplir cette tâche. Le plus souvent, vous pourrez en trouver un conçu spécifiquement pour le modèle de votre ordinateur. Toutefois, si vous avez peur de ne pas savoir vous y prendre, de faire une fausse manipulation ou de causer des dégâts à votre ordinateur, vous pouvez toujours demander dans votre entourage si quelqu'un s'y connaît un peu mieux que vous. Vous pouvez aussi faire appel à un professionnel si vous le souhaitez mais il vous faudra pour cela, débourser une certaine somme d'argent (le plus souvent cela coûte environ 50 US dollars).

Pour augmenter la durée de vie de la batterie de votre ordinateur portable, il existe aussi plusieurs astuces. Par exemple, ne la chargez jamais jusqu'à 100%, allez seulement jusqu'à 85%. Cela permettra de réduire la dégradation de la batterie avec le temps.

Evitez les températures élevées qui pourraient l'endommager de manière permanente et réduire son fonctionnement.

  • Prolonger la durée de vie d'un téléphone portable

Si vous souhaitez prolonger la durée de vie de votre téléphone en maintenant ses performances au niveau le plus haut, les deux principaux points sur lesquels il faut vous concentrer sont la batterie et l'espace de stockage de données. Lorsque votre espace de stockage est plein ou presque, cela ralentit votre téléphone de manière considérable. Ainsi, de manière similaire que pour votre ordinateur, stockez vos photos et vos vidéos sur un disque dur externe pour pouvoir les supprimez de votre téléphone, ou alors, investissez dans des cartes mémoires amovibles. Supprimez aussi les applications dont vous n'avez pas besoin, elles prennent de la place et ralentissent le fonctionnement de votre téléphone. Moins l'espace de stockage de votre téléphone sera occupé, meilleures seront ses performances en matière de rapidité.

En ce qui concerne la batterie, celles qui sont plus anciennes se déchargent généralement de manière très rapides, en vous obligeant de recharger votre téléphone fréquemment, ce qui, à la longue, peut devenir très contrariant et vous mener à acheter un nouveau téléphone. Cependant, cela n'est pas nécessaire étant donné que la batterie peut être remplacée. Si vous le faites vous-même, cela vous coûtera bien moins cher que l'achat d'un nouveau téléphone et ainsi, vous ferez des économies en ayant la possibilité de prolonger la durée de vie de votre portable, parfois même de plusieurs années. Dans certains cas, changer de batterie n'est pas possible étant donné que certains téléphones sont construits de manière à ce que l'on ne puisse pas y accéder en ouvrant le téléphone.

Si vous ne voulez pas avoir à changer de batterie fréquemment, il existe tout de même quelques astuces qui pourraient vous permettre de la faire durer plus longtemps. Par exemple, contrairement à ce que vous pouvez penser, charger souvent votre téléphone, sans qu'il soit entièrement déchargé, est bénéfique pour sa batterie. En effet, lorsque vous laissez la batterie descendre trop bas, cela peut l'endommager de manière permanente. Ainsi, n'attendez pas que votre téléphone s'éteigne lui-même pour le recharger et faites le dès que vous en avez l'occasion, même si la charge de votre batterie est à peine descendue.

Evitez les sources de chaleur trop élevées, elles peuvent réduire la durée de vie de votre batterie en produisant des dommages irréversibles. Evitez, par exemple, de le laisser en plein soleil.

Enfin, faites attention à certains signes qui montrent que votre batterie est endommagée. C'est le cas si vous remarquez qu'elle se décharge plus rapidement qu'auparavant ou alors, par exemple, si elle devient anormalement chaude lorsque vous la mettez en charge ou lorsque vous utilisez votre téléphone.

Ainsi, il est tout à fait possible d'avoir accès aux nouvelles technologies sans avoir à se ruiner. Il existe de nombreuses astuces pouvant vous permettre de faire des économies dans ce domaine, il ne vous reste plus qu'à choisir!

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