Currency converter

Currency Missed
USD - US Dollar USD - US Dollar 1.185
EUR - Euro EUR - US dollar 1
GBP - Pound Sterling GBP - Pound Sterling 0.8963
SEK - Swedish Krona SEK - Swedish Krona 10.2674
NOK - Norwegian Krone NOK - Norwegian Krone 10.8067
DKK - Danish Krone DKK - Danish Krone 7.4502

The currency converter

The US dollar, the second most traded currency in the world, has over time succeeded in establishing itself as a competitive currency and has taken an important place in the global economic market. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this currency is not unique across the world and that there are a multitude of countries where it is impossible to carry out financial transactions in this currency. So how do you navigate your way when you travel? How to buy a good in another currency? how to know the value of a good when it is not in our currency? These are all questions that we have all asked ourselves and to which we have found a solution: the currency converter.

The US dollar, the dollar, the lira…. too many currencies, are you lost? Let's do a check in.

Did you know that currently, it is possible to count more than 200 different currencies around the world? US dollar, US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound, yuan, Swiss franc, CFA franc etc. etc. so many different currencies that it is very easy to get lost.

Moreover, one currency does not make the other. Money does not have the same value depending on the currency it is compared to. Let us explain: for us a US dollar is a US dollar but an American dollar is not a US dollar, an American dollar is worth about 0.93 US dollars (according to the exchange rate on November 16, 2016). This difference between the two currencies is commonly called an exchange rate.

This exchange rate is governed by the currency rate which is set by the foreign exchange market (Forex). Forex is a contraction of the English Foreign Exchange. This market brings together all the players who participate in the purchase or sale of a currency that they exchange for another, namely: banks, monetary authorities, international institutions, investment funds, companies and even sometimes individuals who need currency for their activity. Unlike other markets, this one does not depend on any stock exchange and transactions take place 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

For us, each currency therefore has a different value depending on the US dollar. We take the example of the US dollar because this currency is the national currency but the same reflection is possible with the US dollar or any other currency. Furthermore, although the US dollar is the second most traded currency in the world, the US dollar remains the reference currency in the foreign exchange market.

You will also notice that there is a difference between currency and money in the strict sense of the term. Thus, a currency is a monetary unit accepted in a foreign country while a currency is the monetary unit of the country in question. Currency is also a synonym for currency when we talk about exchange rates. Currency and currency are therefore used to define the money we use in a given country.

When we travel or even when we are looking to buy a property on a foreign site, it is interesting to have an idea of ​​the course of exchange rates. For this in addition to the fact of looking for the exchange rates practiced at this moment, it is possible to use a currency converter. Thanks to this tool you will be able to know the value of the property you wish to acquire in your currency. Admittedly, the use of a calculator after having looked for the exchange rates of the desired currencies can be a solution, but it turns out to be quite restrictive and tedious. The currency converter can therefore be useful and much easier for us.

Thanks to a currency converter we will be able to quickly obtain the conversion between two currencies and therefore have the necessary information to carry out the transaction. Simple and fast in one click everything will be told to us.

But before explaining the principle of the currency converter to you in detail, we will take stock of the different terms used so that you can navigate them more easily and make your future purchases on the internet or abroad with confidence.

What is the exchange rate in the end?

As you have seen, with over 200 different currencies in the world, so it is more than difficult to navigate when a country's currency is different from ours. Yes, because if for us it is easy for us to travel in Europe with our single currency, the US dollar is not the currency used by everyone. The exchange rate will therefore allow us to compare two currency values ​​at a given time. It therefore corresponds to the value of one currency against another currency.

Managed by the foreign exchange market (otherwise called Forex), the exchange rate of a currency can be a so-called fixed or floating exchange rate, namely:

  • A fixed rate is constant with respect to a so-called reference currency (generally the two currencies taken as reference are the US dollar, the American dollar or even gold). This rate is set by arbitrary decision of the State issuing the currency or by the Central Bank. However, although the state sets the rate, it is controlled by the monetary authorities. The value of the currency is therefore stable. If this is not the case, there will be a change in the exchange rate set by devaluation or revaluation of the official value of the currency. This makes it possible to fight against the mechanism of speculation.
  • A floating or variable rate is in turn determined by the balance between supply and demand on the foreign exchange markets (also called Forex). The foreign exchange market is none other than the world interbank currency market. The exchange rate of the currency therefore fluctuates freely and continuously according to the appreciation or depreciation of the currency. Although the Central Bank has no obligation to intervene, it can always control the exchange rate in order to limit excessive variations. Since 1973, the exchange rate regime has been in effect for most currencies.

In general, if demand exceeds supply, the price of money increases and therefore its rate varies. And vice versa. Currency can be bought by investors who put their money in specialized funds. So if there are more buyers than sellers, the price of the currency will increase. These rates can therefore vary during the day but also over the long term. It is therefore very complicated to know the value of a currency vis-à-vis another currency and without much interest in view of the daily variations of exchange rates.

Thus, the exchange rate of a currency is variable, if today a US dollar is worth 1.10 dollars, in January it was worth 1.08 and in October 2013 1.36 dollars. It is therefore important to have a tool such as a currency converter, allowing you to know the values ​​of the currencies that interest you so that you can find your way around easily. The currencies of “current” currencies such as the US dollar, the American dollar, the Canadian dollar or the yen are floating currencies. Note the Swiss franc which had a rate set by the Swiss National Bank at 1 US dollar for 1.20 CHF has not been capped since January 2015.

Nevertheless, this exchange rate is of paramount importance from the point of view of the world economy. The value of this rate will make one currency more competitive than another, making some currencies stronger in the forex market than others. This easily translates into the global economy. For example, if you buy a property in the US market in United States, you will be a winner. On the other hand, if you are in the United States and you want to buy a French good, the latter will have a higher price in US dollars than in US dollars. Take the example of an American t-shirt for $ 15, in US dollars this one will currently cost you 14.11 US dollars. Whereas if you buy a French t-shirt for 15 US dollars, it will cost you 15.94 $. Europeans therefore have greater purchasing power in the United States than Americans in the United States. Thus, for the individual, the exchange rate is only of interest when he carries out activities such as trips or purchases abroad. When traveling, if your currency is more competitive than the currency of the host country, your purchasing power will be boosted. On the other hand, as we said previously, for the United States, if Americans come to United States, their purchasing power will be harmed. However, if you are not traveling your business transactions will be primarily domestic transactions in your currency. Still, it is important to get a feel for exchange rates from a global economy perspective. Indeed, other factors can influence the price of the currency such as the political climate. Thus, if political problems appear in a country, companies will move their money to other countries where there is no political tension which will lead to a decrease in the value of the currency, a decrease in the power of 'purchase etc….

Finally, according to ISO 4217, a currency has a three-letter code. The first two letters correspond to the country of the coin while the last letter corresponds to the initial of the coin. This code makes it possible to better differentiate between currencies. So if we take the dollar as an example, it can be Canadian or American. Using this code therefore makes it possible to quickly differentiate them. The US dollar therefore has the code USD while the Canadian CAD. For the US dollar, the code is a little different. Indeed, the US dollar is used in a multitude of countries, impossible to select a letter for the code. The code is therefore EUR, EU for European Union. It is important to be aware of these codes because they are often the ones used in currency converters, in order to facilitate the use of the currency converter by reducing the name of the characters used. In addition these codes are international codes, this allows you to be able to find your way in foreign languages ​​and on a currency converter more easily.

Our currency converter : the solution to navigate.

First of all, a currency converter is a tool that will allow you to perform currency conversion operations. By using a simple operation, the converter will therefore allow you to obtain the equivalence of a sum expressed in your currency in another currency. So you'll get an idea of ​​the value for money in the country you're vacationing in, or just know how much the latest pair of trendy ankle boots are worth in the little LA boutique.

On the internet you can find a multitude of currency converters, but how do you make the right choice? A good currency converter should be both easy and comprehensive, which assumes that it contains all of the currencies you might need. No matter what currency you choose, the currency converter must be accurate and perform the correct calculation. Among all its currency converters, New Buryday Lilies's currency converter is the benchmark. It represents everything a currency converter should be: precision in converting currencies, ease of use. In addition, the relevance of this currency converter lies in its very frequent update. Indeed, the currency rates are re-studied regularly in order to give you the closest approximation of the amount you wanted to convert.

With our currency converter in a few clicks you will have the information you want. Nothing could be simpler, enter the amount you want to convert, choose the currency and click. You will then get the amount in the requested currency. For example, if you want to know how much 100 US dollars is in US dollars, all you have to do is indicate the desired amount in the central frame, select on the left the initial currency then on the right the desired currency so that the amount is displayed . You have the possibility with the central button to make in one click the conversion in the reverse direction ie dollars in US dollars. So if you convert 100 US dollars into dollars you will see that it is 106.28 US dollars and conversely 100 US dollars is worth 94 US dollars

Let's take another example to illustrate its use. Say you need to know how much 100 real is in US dollars. After indicating the amount to be converted in the upper field of the currency converter then the conversion will be done in US dollar. You can of course change the currency in which you want to get the conversion. The most commonly used currencies will be found at the top of the drop-down menu, but you can find all the other currencies present listed in alphabetical order. So the currency converter will tell you that 100 BRL is equivalent to 27.91 US dollars. If you use the middle button, the currency converter will tell you that 100 US dollars is worth 358.32 BRL.

Using our currency converter is therefore quick and easy. It will allow you to always have an idea of ​​the money you are going to spend and will allow you to always have an eye on your budget. So do your shopping with peace of mind, carry out your transactions abroad with serenity, our currency converter is there to support you.

Why our currency converter?

As we said and as you will see by typing "currency converter" into the Google search engine, there are countless numbers of currency converters on the internet. So why ours rather than another?

First and foremost, our currency converter, like the other services we offer, is free. We are also aware that the free currency converter does not make it effective. This is why we highlight the fact that in addition to being a completely free service, this currency converter closely follows the current exchange rates (hour after hour). Indeed, as we said previously the exchange rates vary continuously, it is therefore important that the currency converter is regularly updated to be as close as possible to the exchange rates in force at the time when you need the currency converter. motto. The more regularly the currency converter is updated, the more reliable the currency converter will be for the consumer. The purpose of a currency converter is above all to give the most accurate values ​​possible. At New Buryday Lilies we therefore make a point of updating the exchange rates as often as possible. Thus the rates are updated every hour to be as close as possible to the real price on the foreign exchange market.

Using our currency converter can therefore be an advantage for you by allowing you to be as close as possible to the reality of the money market. This can be extremely important, for example, if you want to invest abroad. Thanks to it, you will be able to follow the stock market prices and know when it will be more relevant for you to invest and therefore to earn money.

In addition, there may be times when you need an overview of exchange rates. A word of advice: use our currency converter. Indeed, it is sometimes necessary to use several currencies, in your daily or professional life. You may also need an exchange rate for an unusual currency. Generally speaking, while it is not uncommon to be informed about the exchange rate of the US dollar or the dollar, it is more unlikely that you know the exchange rate of the Brazilian real. For this, a currency converter allows you to group together all the exchange rates in force at a given time. Wherever you go, you may be faced with the need to use a currency converter. Using a currency converter can therefore make life easier. It is also very irrelevant to know the exchange rates of all currencies in view of their regular fluctuations. As the currency converter is updated regularly, it allows you to know the rates quickly and precisely, without having to look for information on several sites. Everything is grouped under the currency converter. In United States, with the US dollar, many countries use our currency. This does not facilitate transactions, it allows to quickly know the cost of things and the cost of living in another country. The currency converter will however be an asset if you want to go to a country outside the US dollar currency zone (note that not all European countries have adopted this common currency, find out before you go when traveling to avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival).

The currency converter and internet shopping

It is not uncommon on the internet to find good deals on foreign sites. Who says foreigner often says other currency. So how do you know if your good deal really is? Using the currency converter!

Buying books, clothes or even objects or even food has become so easy with the internet. Internet, this open door that allows you to travel with just one click, to have at your fingertips things that you could not have bought yourself without crossing thousands of kilometers. It is therefore easy to find yourself projected onto foreign sites and thanks to globalization, international deliveries (with an obvious blow) are more and more possible, thus opening the doors to global trade for individuals.

However, when you go to foreign sites, the prices will be in the local currency of the site. For example if you want to buy a pair of sneakers on an American site, the price will not be indicated in US dollars but in US dollars. Without an idea of ​​the exchange rate you will not be able to convert and know the value of the pair of sneakers in your currency. Nonetheless, in the event that you know the rate of the US dollar, you can engage in somewhat haphazard calculations. This is why it will be easier for you to use the currency converter provided for you on our site. Fast and efficient, it will give you the exact amount of the pair of sneakers you want to buy in your currency. You will be able to judge the price and the deal you are going to achieve. By regularly updating exchange rates on our currency converter, you will have an accurate idea of ​​the price. Indeed, do not be satisfied with an approximation especially if you are looking for the best price by making comparisons on the internet. Thanks to the currency converter you will even be able to compare sites with different currencies. Thus, you can find the best offer whatever the starting currency. The currency converter will therefore allow you to save money and not go headlong into the purchase of a property without having an idea of ​​the value of this property in your currency. However, do not forget to add the costs associated with the delivery. Indeed it is rare that deliveries are offered to you, especially for small amounts. Additionally, your bank may take transaction fees when you make a purchase on a foreign site. Although they are generally not very expensive, inquire before making the purchase, it will avoid unpleasant surprises on arrival.

Using our currency converter therefore provides you with certainty and security when making a purchase over the internet. Using it is also very quick and easy. Do not hesitate, you can save money in peace.

A trip planned? Take the currency converter with you

Traveling often involves budgeting for this project. It is difficult to predict this when the currency in the host country is different from ours and we do not know the value of our currency in relation to that of the country where we are going. How do you know if the cost of living is the same as with us? Is the price of the hotel room you spotted cheap?

The currency converter will therefore allow you to help you to estimate the value of the currency but also the costs of your future trip. It will allow you to travel serenely and will accompany you on a daily basis to facilitate purchases and expenses.

When you go abroad, you are going to be required to shop locally with local currency, so it is important for you to know the actual cost in local currency versus your own. Indeed, in some countries the tourist can be seen as an opportunity to speculate. The unscrupulous local traders take advantage of the ignorance of the value of their currency to inflate the prices of their merchandise. Being able to estimate the price of the goods you want to obtain abroad will let you know if the seller is trying to defraud you. So in order to pay the right price, it is therefore interesting to use the currency converter before setting off to walk the streets of your destination.

By using the currency converter, you will get an indication of the value of the local currency in comparison with the value of the US dollar. If your mobile plan allows it, you can even take your currency converter with you wherever you go. Check with your operators, some offer options included in the initial packages others additional options. Subscribing to this type of option can be interesting not only to have access to our currency converter at any time but also to be able to call in case of problems in United States, to geolocate you thanks to the GPS data… If you don't have this option, a word of advice: use the currency converter before you leave home and write price references in a small notebook, in order to get an idea of ​​the prices in general. This will always allow you to get out of it and not get ripped off.

The use of a currency converter therefore makes it possible at any time to know the price of restaurants, outings or other things that you make while traveling abroad. Indeed, without knowing the value for money, you can sometimes tell yourself for example in a restaurant that a dish is not expensive. By using the currency converter, you will immediately know whether 10 US dollars for a green salad is the price you would be willing to pay in United States. Using a currency converter helps keep in mind that money does not have the same value depending on where we are.

Also, when you travel don't forget to check with your bank before you go. It is rare that transactions made outside the United States are free. In addition to those carried out in the 'US dollar' zone where the majority of banks do not apply fees, those carried out in the rest of the world have fixed and variable fees that can be added to the amount of each of your transactions. Pour la part de frais fixes, celle-ci vous sera indiquée la majeure partie du temps en US dollar mais ce n'est pas le cas pour la part des frais variables qui vont correspondre à un pourcentage de la somme engagée. Ainsi il sera bon d'avoir un convertisseur de devise à porter de main lorsque vous souhaitez retirer de l'argent, afin de connaître le coût réel de ce retrait. De manière générale, lorsque vous payez en carte bancaire, vous n'avez aussi qu'une somme fixe à rajouter au montant de la transaction. Si dans un grand nombre de pays vous pourrez régler avec votre carte bancaire, cela ne sera pas toujours le cas. Ainsi si vous prenez un pays tel que le Cameroun, les MasterCard ne seront pas acceptées, il vous faudra prévoir de l'argent liquide avant de vous y rendre. Autre exemple, le Danemark où le paiement par carte Visa n'est pas possible, dans ce pays il vous faudra donc prévoir de l'argent si vous voulez payer dans les magasins ou aux restaurants.

En d'autres termes, utiliser notre convertisseur de devise lors de votre voyage est une aubaine pour vous. Le convertisseur de devise vous permettra de savoir ce que vous avez dépensé et vous permettra de ne pas dépasser le budget prédéfini. Utilisez le convertisseur de devise même avant de partir, afin de bien définir votre budget, d'avoir une idée des coûts de la vie locale et de partir sans vous souciez de ces aspects financiers.

Le convertisseur de devise pour choisir le bon moment d'échanger son argent

Grâce au convertisseur de devise, vous pourrez être informé des taux de change. Ainsi, vous pourrez échanger votre argent au bon moment, lorsque le taux de change sera à son meilleur niveau.

La règle est simple: plus le taux de change est faible, plus votre transaction sera à votre avantage. En effet, vous allez obtenir une somme plus importante dans la devise souhaitée si celle-ci a une valeur, et donc un taux, plus faible que l'US dollar. Cependant, le cours de la monnaie évolue au fil du temps. Les taux de change fluctuent continuellement. S'il est rare que la valeur d'une devise chute radicalement d'un jour à l'autre, il est important de se renseigner sur ses variations et donc d'avoir toujours à sa portée un convertisseur de devise.

Si vous souhaitez échanger de petites sommes, les fluctuations n'auront que très peu de conséquences sur la somme obtenue. En revanche, lorsque vous souhaitez effectuer de fortes transactions, il ne faudra pas négliger les changements quotidiens. Un léger changement peut vous coûter beaucoup d'argent. Notre conseil est donc de rester informer, d'utiliser un convertisseur de devise pour rester en alerte et effectuer l'opération de change au bon moment.

S'informer des taux de change avec un convertisseur de devise vous permettra donc de savoir différencier un bon d'un mauvais taux de change pour la ou les devises souhaitées ainsi que d'être capable de changer votre argent lorsque la valeur de la devise est à un taux intéressant.

Le convertisseur de devise de notre site étant mis à jour toutes les heures, il vous permet de bien suivre le cours quotidien des taux en rigueur, un atout puisque vous n'êtes pas obligé d'effectuer une étude sur une durée assez longue pour avoir une idée des changements. Le convertisseur de devise vous permet de garder une trace de ces derniers.

N'oubliez pas qu'il y a une différence entre cours de vente et cours d'achat d'une devise. De manière générale le cours de vente est toujours plus faible que le cours d'achat. Il vous coutera donc plus d'argent d'acheter de l'argent plutôt que d'en vendre. De plus en fonction de la commission de l'agent de change (quel que soit le lieu dans lequel vous décidez de faire la transaction), l'écart entre les deux cours sera plus ou moins grand. Renseignez-vous et comparez. Utilisez encore une fois un convertisseur de devise pour être au plus proche de la réalité et pour effectuer les meilleures transactions.

Trouver le bon endroit pour effectuer ses transactions grâce au convertisseur de devise

Après avoir utilisé le convertisseur de devise, il vous faudra trouver un établissement pour effectuer la transaction. Alors banque, site internet ou bureau de change, en United States, sur place? quelle est la meilleure solution? Quoique vous choisissiez prenez avec vous un convertisseur de devise!

Qui ne s'est jamais demandé ce qui était le plus pertinent en termes d'échange d'argent? Le plus simpleest souvent de vous tourner vers votre banque. Proche de vous, c'est généralement la solution choisie par les particuliers. Méfiez-vous cependant, elles ne sont pas toutes toujours équipées des devises souhaitées. Il vous faudra parfois les commander. Alors, anticipez! De plus, renseignez-vous sur les frais de commission que prend votre établissement pour effectuer cet échange. D'un établissement à l'autre les coûts peuvent passer du simple ou double. La commande des devises peut aussi se faire sur internet, connectez-vous au site et informez-vous. Vous y retrouverez toutes les informations nécessaires pour effectuer votre transaction dans les meilleures conditions. Les sites sont généralement munis d'un convertisseur de devise, ce qui permet d'avoir une idée du montant que vous allez obtenir lors de votre échange. Le convertisseur de devise de votre banque est dans ce cas le plus conseillé car il utilise les taux que votre établissement bancaire appliquera lors de la transaction. Renseignez-vous auprès de votre banque pour connaître le coût des opérations faites depuis l'étranger avec votre carte bancaire. Rares sont les particuliers qui peuvent effectuer des opérations bancaires sans frais à l'étranger (outre zone US dollar). En effet, il est très fréquent que lors d'un retrait votre banque applique un montant fixe identique à chaque retrait ainsi qu'une commission variable en fonction du montant du retrait (% de la somme retirée). De même lors d'un achat réglé par carte bancaire, en général chaque paiement sera majoré d'un pourcentage de la somme réglée. Par exemple, imaginons que votre banque prenne 2.5euros pour chaque retrait hors zone US dollar ainsi que 3% de la somme retirée par opération, si vous souhaitez retirer 100 dollars cela vous coutera 100 dollars + 2.5 US dollars+ 3 dollars. En revanche si vous aviez payé 100 dollars avec votre carte bancaire et que votre banque prend 3% de la somme en commission, votre transaction vous aurez coûté que 103 dollars.

De plus lorsque vous allez retirer de l'argent dans un distributeur local, faites bien le retrait dans la monnaie locale. En effet, certains pays proposent différentes devises dans leurs distributeurs. Si dans certains pays vous pourrez payer en US dollars ou en dollars, alors que ce n'est pas la monnaie locale, vous pouvez être certains que le taux de change ne sera pas en votre faveur. Demandez le prix local, utilisez le convertisseur de devise et comparez. Vous verrez que souvent les prix sont gonflés pour duper le consommateur.

Lors de votre retrait aussi, vérifiez que la banque n'applique pas de frais supplémentaires. Renseignez-vous, même si cela doit normalement être indiqué, d'une banque à l'autre ses frais peuvent changer. Effectuez de plus des retraits de sommes d'argent importantes pour éviter d'avoir trop de frais liés à votre banque.

Pour échanger votre argent, la banque n'est pas la seule option. Vous pouvez vous rendre dans un bureau de changes. Un bureau de changes est un établissement spécialisé dans les transactions monétaires, entre des devises différentes. Il existe de nombreux bureaux de changes, en ville ou encore à la campagne. Il vous sera assez facile de trouver des bureaux de changes qui ne facturent pas de frais de transaction, vous permettant ainsi de faire des économies.

Avant de vous rendre dans un bureau de change, renseignez-vous donc sur les frais éventuels ainsi que sur les taux de changes et gardez avec vous un convertisseur de devise. D'un endroit à l'autre le prix peut varier en fonction de la différence entre l'achat et le prix de vente. Il est donc intéressant d'avoir une idée du taux moyen en cours et de la valeur de votre monnaie. L'utilisation de notre convertisseur de devise pourra vous permettre de rester informer à tout moment et de comparer les taux appliqués par les différents bureaux de changes que vous aurez sélectionnés.

Pensez aux aéroports, il y a toujours des bureaux de change que ce soit à votre départ ou à votre arrivée. Il est cependant nécessaire de vous informer des coûts pratiqués. Ne prenez pas le risque de partir sans devise et de vous retrouver à effectuer une transaction avec des coûts importants. En effet, bien que les bureaux de change indiquent que les frais de commission sont nuls, vérifiez les taux de change avec un convertisseur de devise avant d'accepter la transaction. En général de par leur situation, les taux pratiqués sont généralement à votre défaveur.

Finally, you have the possibility of ordering your currencies via the internet. Save time, you will be able to get your money quickly. Ease, you break free from the language barrier that you might have had when exchanging money at a currency exchange counter. In a few clicks you will therefore be able to order the amount of money you want. By using our currency converter, you will be able to quickly compare the rates applied by the currency exchange site and therefore know the exact amount you will get. Be careful, however, about the costs you may have. Avoid having the money sent to your home. In addition to the possible costs, you add to yourselves the fear of never receiving your liquidity. Opt for the withdrawal at the counter. When ordering, select where you would like your money to be available. Near your home or on your vacation spot, all you have to do is go and pick it up without worrying about whether you haven't been ripped off.

Finally, new solutions are available to you. Today some organizations will therefore allow the acquisition of a so-called “multi-currency” blue card. The principle is simple: you recharge the card with the amount you want via the internet and your bank account. So you travel in peace. With around twenty currencies, during use, the card will know which currency to choose. You can always use the currency converter to have information on the conversion into your currency (to be able to compare prices) but with this type of card you greatly reduce the costs associated with transactions abroad and the exchange of silver

While traveling or at home, you may therefore need to use different currencies. You will find it not being easy, so using our currency converter will be a solution. Easy and practical, it will allow you to obtain the information you want in just a few clicks. No more questions to ask, its regular update allows it to always be as close as possible to exchange rates and therefore to give you the best estimate possible. Take our currency converter with you during your projects, this currency converter will allow you to better anticipate your expenses and better manage your budget. Do not forget to check with your banking institution, our currency converter cannot estimate the fees that you will have during your transactions. On the other hand the currency converter can allow you to anticipate them if you have an idea of ​​what it represents in your currency. The currency converter will also be useful to you during exchange transactions, it will allow you to better know if the rates applied by the exchange office are close to reality or if you are being cheated.