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Quick credit in 24 hours - 2020

Quick credit in 24 hours Quick credit in 24 hours

There are sites offering a quick personal loan within 24 hours, however, they are not French. Most of the time Belgian or Swiss, they allow you to find a quick solution to obtain a credit, however, they are generally not intended for people residing in United States. However, there are solutions to get credit faster.

Can you really get a quick personal loan in 24 hours?

You can often see this type of catchphrase on online credit sites, but in reality, you cannot get credit in 24 hours. The actual establishment of the credit should take at least several days and only in the best cases. Most of the time, what these organizations promise to customers is to provide them with an answer in principle fairly quickly, within 24 to 48 hours (it can even be immediate). However, this answer in principle is not a credit agreement and does not guarantee the granting of a loan. It is the result of an assessment of the client's situation according to various parameters (family situation, monthly charges, income, debt ratio, remaining to be lived, etc.) which makes it possible to determine the type of credit he it will be possible for him to obtain. Following this, the customer must prove the accuracy of all this information to the bank or establishment specializing in consumer credit which will then carry out an in-depth study of his file as well as his request in order to provide him with a final answer. It is only then that loan offers are transmitted and it is a process that takes more than 24 hours, even for the fastest establishments.

The online personal loan, a quick credit

Nowadays, the majority of credit organizations allow you to obtain a loan by making an application online through their website. It is a solution that can save you considerable time since you can carry out all the procedures without leaving your home. Applying for credit online has many advantages, due to its practicality and simplicity. A few minutes are enough to complete the file and send your request to the lender. You can perform several loan simulations for free and without obligation, but also compare online the different offers that can be found on the market. You can even send multiple requests simultaneously to increase your chances of getting a loan faster. The response to demand is also quick. Based on the items declared, you will get a response in principle, sometimes immediate, which will let you know if you have the ability to access the personal loan you want. One of the advantages of the online personal loan is also the fact that it is possible to apply at any time of the day, which removes the constraints of the hours of banks and credit agencies. Besides that, it should be noted that the offers that can be found on the internet are often more advantageous than those that can be found in traditional banks and it is possible to come across various promotions.

The online personal loan, a quick credit

However, it should be noted some disadvantages to the online personal loan. Among them, we find the fact that we cannot physically meet the advisor responsible for studying the credit application. However, it is always possible to call customer service if you ever have any questions. Likewise, we must not forget that the offer that is possible to see during the loan simulation will never be exactly the same as the one that the lender will send you since the rate that will be offered to you will adapt. to your situation.

If you want to reduce the timeframe for your personal loan, make your application as complete as possible. It must include all the information necessary for the study of your file and be accompanied by supporting documents. A good record and a stable financial situation are the key elements in obtaining a personal loan quickly.

The supporting documents needed for a quick personal loan

Once the personal loan contract has been received, you must sign it and return it to the lender, attaching the supporting documents necessary for the study of your file. Depending on the lender chosen, you can return them by mail or by email. Here is a non-exhaustive list of documents that may be requested from you in the context of a personal loan application:

  • A valid identity document (CNI, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of address (electricity or gas bill, property tax, rent receipt, etc.)
  • The last three payslips
  • Other proof of possible income (certificate of family benefits, last tax notice, etc.)
  • The latest bank account statements
  • A bank or postal identity statement (RIB or RIP)

When we do an online loan search, it is not uncommon to come across attractive offers offering us quick credit in 24 hours. But is rapid credit in 24 hours a simple commercial attraction or a real proposition? Decryption of a practice now common in the world of credit.

Obtaining a quick credit in 24 hours?

If we trust the multiple sites offering loan offers on the web, it would be possible to obtain credit quickly, in record time. Indeed, many organizations offer quick credit offers within 24 hours.

Quick credit in 24 hours does exist, yes. But abroad. On closer inspection, the websites offering rapid credit within 24 hours are not French: their address suffixes are rarely in .fr. The attractive sites linked to a rapid credit in 24 hours actually correspond to brands based abroad and for which the regulations are much less rigorous than in United States. Although they are written in French, these quick credit sites in 24 hours are intended only for people who do not reside in United States.

Obtaining a quick credit in 24 hours?

Indeed, the French legislation, anxious to protect the layman consumer, prohibits this type of practice by laying down numerous rules and procedures irreconcilable with the obtaining of a fast credit in 24 hours. Despite this impossibility, many sites offer quick credit in 24 hours: what then can the proposed quick credit in 24 hours correspond to?

The answer in principle to rapid credit in 24 hours

Attractive sites, at the origin of a rapid credit proposal in 24 hours, do not actually guarantee obtaining the funds requested by the borrower in 24 hours but the response in principle to a loan request during this period. This is why it would be more correct to speak of "rapid credit with agreement in principle within 24 hours" rather than "rapid credit in 24 hours". This simply allows the lender to give a favorable opinion, or not, directly online following a quick credit application in 24 hours, without waiting several days.

This practice has spread because the speed announced corresponds to a real need of the applicant for rapid credit in 24 hours. It is common today to quickly need a sum of money: whether it is to deal with an unforeseen event or because you have just decided to make a purchase. A classic credit application involves waiting at least a week for a response to be sent to the consumer. This is the reason why quick 24 hour credit offers have developed over the past ten years.

The answer in principle to rapid credit in 24 hours

Although apparently deceptive, the interest of rapid credit in 24 hours is not less because it allows a return on its loan application quickly (in 24 or 48 hours), even sometimes almost immediately, without even being committed . This not only allows you to compare the different offers on the market as well as possible, to adjust your demand according to the answers provided, but also to quickly estimate the budget that can be obtained to make a project a reality.

In order to fully understand what the response in principle aimed at by the rapid credit in 24 hours corresponds to, it is necessary to go over the different stages of the loan. The operating mode of credit organizations is similar:

  1. Prior loan request : On the site offering rapid credit in 24 hours, the potential borrower fills out a form to assess his needs and the repayment conditions, that is to say the capital he wishes to borrow as well as the monthly payments and the duration during which he will repay the rapid credit in 24 hours.
  2. Answer in principle : Following the formulation of the pre-request, the organization renders a first decision within 24 or 48 hours (hence the expression "rapid credit in 24 hours"), or even in real time. The borrower then obtains a first decision of the “agreement in principle” type in the event of a favorable opinion, or “in-depth study” in the event of an unfavorable opinion. In the latter case, the file is rejected directly without even the procedure being continued. In the event of an agreement in principle, or a "favorable opinion", the rapid credit application within 24 hours passes a first stage but without a favorable outcome being predicted at the end of the entire process. Indeed, the decision rendered in the context of a rapid credit in 24 hours is not adapted to the personal situation of the borrower, because it is, as a rule, dependent on various automatic parameters. Only the theoretical calculation of the debt ratio of the rapid credit applicant in 24 hours is carried out, that is to say the part of income devoted to loan repayments. The 33% rule then applies: if the rate reaches or exceeds them, the request for rapid credit within 24 hours will fail; in the other case, since the income is at least three times greater than the amount of the loans, the organization will be ready to further study your file because you will be able to repay your credit a priori. However, this method is not personalized enough and does not sufficiently predict the seriousness of the quick credit application file in 24 hours. This is why it is necessary to continue the procedure in order to know whether or not the request for rapid credit in 24 hours is accepted by the organization and thus hope for the delivery of the desired funds.
  3. Prior credit offer : If the credit organization has issued a first agreement to request rapid credit within 24 hours, a credit offer is sent by email and / or by post to the borrower. We are then at the stage of a simple proposal, which is why neither the borrower nor the lender, with rapid credit in 24 hours, has not yet been committed.
  4. Signature of the contract and sending of the required supporting documents : In order to be valid, the loan contract must be signed by the borrower, which materializes its acceptance and causes various deadlines to run on which we will come back to later. The acceptance of rapid credit in 24 hours must be accompanied by various documents allowing the lender to more accurately assess the borrower's repayment capacity. The following are typically required in terms of consumer credit: an identity card, proof of address, pay slips, proof of purchase in the event of a loan allocated to the purchase of a good or a service , the last tax notice or even bank statements.
  5. Study of the file and final agreement : At this stage, the organization providing the rapid credit in 24 hours valid or not, the signed contract and the supporting documents. Its decision can only be taken in the light of the finalized file, which alone allows an in-depth study of the request formed by the borrower for rapid credit in 24 hours. You understand therefore that a final acceptance in 24 hours is impossible since the lender must check the conformity of the returned contract, that is to say if it is signed correctly, well dated, without erasures ... In the event of a problem, the The establishment must then reissue a new rapid credit agreement within 24 hours but also send it back so that the customer signs it again and returns it in turn. In addition, he must ensure that the information provided by the borrower, when applying for rapid credit in 24 hours, is accurate. He will focus particularly on the veracity of the applicant's income but also on his banking situation. Bad debts, or exaggerated expenses, do not place the lender in a sufficiently secure situation as regards his guarantee of being reimbursed. This is why a validation period is provided: not only for him, but also for the sake of not exposing the applicant to rapid credit in 24 hours to a situation of over-indebtedness.
  6. Obtaining funds : It is only once the request for rapid credit in 24 hours has been validated and therefore the contract formed, that the lender will be able to agree to the payment of funds to the borrower's bank account.

Thus, as it has been demonstrated, a rapid credit in 24 hours cannot correspond to obtaining a sum of money in the bank account the day after the request. In view of the steps to be followed and the study by which the request must be carried out, the process takes at least one week. A rapid credit in 24 hours actually only corresponds to the guarantee of a rapid pre-study of its loan application, without guaranteeing the granting of the credit and the benefit of the requested sum. All the more so as the quasi-instantaneity which seems announced by the formula "rapid credit in 24 hours" is irreconcilable with the deadlines which have been progressively imposed by the various French laws applicable in the matter.

Quick credit in 24 hours

If the rapid obtaining of a sum of money is impossible despite the expression used of "rapid credit in 24 hours", it is in particular because the legislator provided for the existence of time limits allowing each of the parties to the contract to ready to contract with full knowledge of the facts.

Quick credit in 24 hours

The reflection period and the approval period: signature of the borrower and final agreement of the lender for rapid credit in 24 hours.

According to French law, for a credit contract to be concluded, the consumer must express the willingness to subscribe it. Thus, the applicant for rapid credit in 24 hours must explicitly accept the loan offered by completing and signing the prior credit offer. Then it is necessary that he returns it to the lender. The latter must maintain his offer within fifteen days in order to allow the borrower to have sufficient time to accept the contract, even in the event of rapid credit within 24 hours. A simple provision of information on an online questionnaire from a credit institution cannot constitute such a desire.

Also, article L312-24 of the consumer code lays down the credit contract is only formed after signature of the offer by the lender. He has a period of 7 days from the signing of the rapid credit offer in 24 hours by the borrower to let him know his approval decision. During this period, he can agree to grant rapid credit in 24 hours, refuse it or not respond - the absence of a response is equivalent to a refusal of approval and therefore an absence of a contract.

This is why the promised response in the context of a rapid credit in 24 hours cannot constitute the establishment of the contract, and therefore the delivery of the requested sum, because this short period of time announced cannot validly take into account the time of signature and constitution of the file by the borrower but also the period of study and approval left for the benefit of the lender. However, it is only the will of the parties to act as quickly as possible and that these formalities take as little time as possible. The real limit to rapid credit in 24 hours remains the withdrawal period.

The withdrawal period: the period preventing instant delivery of funds for rapid credit in 24 hours.

In the event that the request for rapid credit in 24 hours concerns a personal loan, that is to say when the borrower is free to use the amount of his credit as he sees fit, the law reserves a period of 14 calendar days in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, from the signing of the contract. The contract following the 24 hour rapid credit application is frozen while the period for exercising the right of withdrawal has elapsed. Note here that in the context of a credit allocated to the purchase of a good or a service, this period can be shortened.

If the borrower does not exercise his right of withdrawal within the prescribed period, the rapid credit agreement in 24 hours becomes final and the clauses apply, in particular on the terms of repayment. Otherwise, in the event of renunciation of the contract, if the lender has made a provision for part of the sum, the borrower with rapid credit in 24 hours must repay it, along with the accumulated interest on this capital since the date on which the credit was paid. . Faced with the risk of non-repayment, a lender will only issue the sum once the withdrawal period has expired, that is to say at least 14 days after signing the rapid credit agreement in 24 hours.

In conclusion, the obtaining of funds could not be carried out within 24 hours, in particular because of the existence of the lender's approval deadlines and the borrower's withdrawal. This is why the expression "rapid credit in 24 hours" is tinged with hope but cannot lead to an immediate provision of the requested sum.


If in United States it is impossible to obtain funds instantly despite the existence of quick credit offers in 24 hours, in-store loans and those concluded between individuals remain a palliative to make your project a reality almost instantly.

Store Credit: A Reliable Way To Get Quick Credit In 24 Hours Or Less?

Before studying the advisability of store credit on the consumer's side, and checking whether it can correspond to rapid credit in 24 hours, we must think about the reasons why the brands offer it: store credit corresponds to one of the means used to make a sale by adapting to the client's budget. The operating mode of this type of credit, which can be linked to a rapid credit in 24 hours or less, is that of an affected loan or is linked to a revolving credit. Unlike the personal loan, even subscribed with a quick response in principle as part of a quick credit in 24 hours, store credit is taken out simultaneously with the sale of a good. For example, some traders offer to buy a laptop, a television, a piece of furniture, a kitchen on credit, etc. In the event of a small amount, renewable loans will be offered; if the amount is large, an affected credit. This last case will not be studied in depth because it does not make it possible to obtain a quick credit in 24 hours any more than conventional consumer loans: in fact, its granting is in principle subject to the same procedures, opposing each other, in particular by due to the study of the borrower's file, to a real rapid credit in 24 hours. Remember, however, that this type of loan is contractually linked to the purchase made and therefore that in the event of credit refusal, the sale is automatically canceled and the consumer will have nothing to pay.

In order to develop their sales, the major brands have developed the subscription of credit and loyalty cards, attached to a revolving credit, to finance small purchases. This type of rapid credit in 24 hours or less is a boon for traders, especially if the purchase is for a value of less than 1000 US dollars: below this threshold, they have no obligation to offer an alternative to the classic credit. The use of cards linked to a revolving credit, as fast credit in 24 hours or less, has exploded in recent years and they are highlighted on the supports of many household appliances or furniture and decoration stores. These types of rapid credit in 24 hours or less correspond to a reserve of money of an amount fixed in advance, during subscription, opened by a financial institution (for example, the card offered by Ikea is linked to a credit renewable Cetelem). The consumer is then authorized to draw on this reserve according to his needs and his purchases. It reimburses, at each monthly payment, interest and capital in order to replenish the credit reserve quickly in 24 hours or less. Often presented as dangerous, revolving credit has been the subject of several interventions by the public authorities in order to limit over-indebtedness. Also, care must be taken because the loans offered often offer an annual percentage rate of charge (APR) close to the usury rate (around 20%). However, the advantage is that it is offered directly at the point of sale and therefore allows the use of a credit reserve directly: even better than a quick credit in 24 hours, it corresponds to an instant credit, which does not is not possible under a personal loan. Note, however, that the possibility of delivering immediately, and remotely, a personal loan is currently being studied by several organizations. This would make it possible to obtain real fast credit in 24 hours or less, combined with conventional rates and rules. In the meantime, you have to be careful not to fall into the impulsiveness of a purchase and anticipate a minimum of the payment of your new smartphone or your sofa in order to play the competition and get the best offer while benefiting from a credit. fast in 24 hours.

The loan between individuals: A way to get fast credit in 24 hours or less?

The loan between individuals has always been, and still remains today, widely used by households. As a general rule, it helps a loved one by lending him a sum of money. This type of credit has several advantages because the interest charged by the lender is generally low or even zero, that a lender in a situation of over-indebtedness can access it but also in that it allows to obtain the money quickly. It can therefore constitute a rapid credit in 24 hours.

Be careful however, freedom is not full and complete. In fact, in this context of rapid credit in 24 hours, the tax legislation requires in certain cases that the loan be declared: if the same creditor / debtor has granted / obtained, during the same calendar year, a loan from a amount greater than 760 US dollars, or several loans of a unit amount equal to or less than 760 US dollars but whose total exceeds this limit, it (s) must be declared by the latter; and this, whatever the modalities, including within the framework of a rapid credit in 24 hours or less, without interest, consented verbally. This declaration is made at the same time as the declaration of income or results. If the borrower has to declare any loan exceeding 760 US dollars, the lender will only be obliged if he has granted several loans to several different people from the moment when the cumulative amount exceeds 760 US dollars.

The loan between individuals: A way to get quick credit in 24 hours or less?

Despite these regulations, freedom remains the key word, which ultimately allows you to obtain real quick credit in 24 hours or less. However, disputes are not uncommon in this area: confusion between loan and donation, repayment date not clearly stated, absence of repayment ... In order to prevent any conflict, it is strongly recommended to write a loan contract or an acknowledgment of debt in as part of this type of rapid credit in 24 hours. Indeed, the French Civil Code provides for the system of proof of loan between individuals and imposes a writing for a loan of an amount greater than € 1,500, proof by any means sufficient for loans of a lower amount.

To conclude, the loan between individuals makes it much easier, and often more advantageous, to obtain rapid credit in 24 hours or instantly. Whatever the amount, it is strongly recommended to prepare a written statement including the amount loaned and the terms of repayment (possible interest, repayment date). Also, make sure you are aware of the identity of the lender and the borrower: even between relatives, do not hesitate to ask for information. Thus, for this type of rapid credit in 24 hours, beware of loans between individuals offered on the Internet!

How to get quick credit in 24 hours?

How? 'Or' What get a quick loan in 24 hours ">

  • In the event of a small credit linked to a purchase, use the loans offered by the stores, that is to say an assigned loan or a revolving credit allowing rapid credit to be obtained in 24 hours or less, making sure, however, to compare the offers.
  • If a relative is in the capacity, privilege the loan between individuals, which allows a fast credit in 24 hours or less, at generally advantageous conditions, subject to writing a writing.
  • In all other cases, carefully prepare your project. A thoughtful credit, and whose elements will be defined in advance, is a real time saver in the end. Although it is still impossible today to obtain rapid credit in 24 hours, consumer behavior still makes it possible to speed up the process: go to a credit company , generally faster than a bank to give its decision. and release funds; prefer fast online entry; prepare the supporting documents requested by the organization in advance in order to return the signed contract as quickly as possible. Finally, it would be a shame today to forgo the use of online credit comparators, particularly New Buryday Lilies .fr. Offering a clear and fluid listing of the best loan offers on the market, it is with seriousness that it will accompany you in the rapid search for your loan, including if you want quick credit in 24 hours. Do not hesitate to consult the proposed pages which will inform you on everything you need to know about the world of credit.