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Auto credit comparator

Financing a new vehicle, whether new or used, can sometimes be an obstacle in everyday life. A bank loan can be an answer to this problem but it is still necessary to find an interest rate which is advantageous. An auto credit comparator can help you find your way around among the various offers on the market and access the loan that will best suit your personal situation.

What does auto credit consist of?

Auto credit is consumer credit, more precisely, an affected loan. This means that it is linked to a specific expense, in this case the purchase of a vehicle (new or used). It can often be contracted directly at the point of sale, at a car dealership for example. In this case, the borrowed sum is generally paid directly to the seller by a financial institution and if the sales contract is not fulfilled for any reason whatsoever, the credit is automatically canceled and the borrower will not have to make refund. In addition, if the credit is not granted to the buyer, the latter is not obliged to complete the purchase of the vehicle.

The decision to grant credit is taken by the bank or institution specializing in consumer credit chosen by the borrower. The choice of the financial institution can be made by using a car credit comparator.

The auto loan is subject to the general rules of consumer credit. It all starts with an information phase where the lender must check the borrower's solvency in order to know if he can be eligible for this credit (this can also be verified by the borrower using a comparator. auto credit). If the lender decides that the borrower's situation is favorable for the loan, a loan offer will be drawn up, containing all the necessary information (cash price of the loan, annual percentage rate, amount of due dates and terms of repayment by anticipation).

The acceptance of the loan request depends on the borrower's resources, his personal situation, in particular the charges he must pay each month but also his debt ratio which can generally not exceed 33%. A car credit comparator with a simulation tool often allows this calculation to be performed automatically.

As with any consumer credit, the borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days following the signing of the loan contract. The amount of the loan is generally between 200 and 75,000 US dollars, repayable in monthly installments over a period of more than 3 months and not being able to exceed 7 years most of the time. The reimbursement conditions may vary according to the different organizations and depend, for example, on the duration of the contract or the type of vehicle (new or used). Prepayment of part or all of the credit is possible under conditions specific to the financial institution granting the loan.

Most of the time, it would be more advantageous to apply to banks or establishments specializing in consumer credit to apply for a car loan because the financing solutions offered directly at dealerships are not always very advantageous. However, it can be difficult to make your choice in the face of the profusion of offers, so an auto credit comparator can be a very useful tool to make better decisions.

What is an auto credit comparator?

A car credit comparator is a calculation tool allowing people looking for a bank loan to finance the purchase of a vehicle, to be able to compare the different proposals.

However, it should be noted that each auto credit comparator does not present all the offers on the market but only those of banks or institutions specializing in credit with which it is in partnership. Normally, on each auto credit comparator, you should be able to see a list of financial organizations that come into play during credit comparisons. You will notice that some financial institutions are found more frequently in an auto credit comparator, whatever it is, while others have fewer partnerships.

Most sites with an auto credit comparator regularly update their information so that it is as accurate as possible and helps the consumer to get a real idea of ​​the different proposals.

How does an online request work with a car credit comparator?

A lot can vary from one auto credit comparator to another. Some simply offer to enter a few criteria (such as, for example, the repayment period and the amount you wish to borrow) then allow you to see the different offers that may correspond to these criteria while comparing their rates. All you have to do is go to the site of one of the establishments offered by the auto credit comparator to apply for a credit subscription. There are also other sites with an auto credit comparator that allow you to have an in-depth study of your situation and sometimes even send your file directly to the bank or credit institution of your choice, without you. do not have to take any additional steps.

A car credit comparator can also sometimes suggest that you send your file to several financial organizations, selected from those with an offer that best meets your expectations and your situation. This allows you to increase your chances of obtaining credit.

It all starts with a loan simulation offered by the auto credit comparator. So, most of the time, you will first have to decide whether you want to buy a new vehicle or a used vehicle. Then you will need to enter the amount you want to borrow. Make sure that it does not differ from the price of the vehicle you plan to buy because the amount loaned under an assigned loan can only be used to finance a specific purchase. Decide on the repayment term you want for your credit and take the time to think about it because it has a huge impact on the overall cost of credit as well as the monthly payments you will have to pay. Thus, it is important to take stock of your situation.

Then, to continue the simulation using the auto credit comparator, you will have to communicate certain information about yourself, in particular your family situation (your marital status, the number of children you have…). It will often be necessary to specify whether you wish to make this loan alone or if there is a co-borrower to subscribe to it with you. Then, it is your professional situation that must be detailed, that is to say, state your salary, your professional status, your profession, your seniority in this job, your type of contract, etc. . If you ever have additional income, in addition to your salary, you can also mention them, they are taken into account by the auto credit comparator. This type of income includes, for example, family allowances, alimony or property income. Finally, all you have to do is communicate your monthly charges (rent, alimony paid, etc.) as well as describe your banking situation. A car credit comparator will often offer you a list of banks from which you will have to select the one for which you are a customer, then specify your seniority with them. If you are ever registered with the FCIP (file of credit repayment incidents to individuals), it will be very difficult for you to obtain a bank loan. Thus, having a stable financial situation is essential to be able to take out a loan. The easier your situation, the easier it will be for you to find an advantageous loan, whether it is by helping you with an auto credit comparator or not.

It is important to pay attention to each information that you enter in the auto credit comparator simulator because each of them has an influence on the results you will obtain subsequently. It is also essential that you are aware of your debt ratio as well as of your remainder to live when you use a car credit comparator because these are essential criteria for eligibility for credit.

A car credit comparator will make an automatic calculation of your debt ratio and your remainder to live thanks to the information that you will have communicated in the form that will have been presented to you.

The credit comparator will then allow you to learn about the different offers on the market that may correspond to your needs and your situation. You will then only have to choose the one or those that you find the most advantageous for you. Depending on the auto credit comparator you have chosen, you may be able to send the file containing all your information directly to the establishment (s) you have chosen.

This will allow you to get a response in principle, usually immediate. However, this answer does not mean that you will necessarily get the bank loan you want, it is a temporary answer based only on the information you provide.

Then, you will be sent a loan contract containing the offer, the APR, the amount of credit, the duration of the credit, the monthly payments and the subscription conditions. It is possible that it will be sent to you by email, just as by post, it will depend on the financial organization. Then you will have to sign the contract and return it to the bank or institution specializing in credit, along with the necessary supporting documents. Thus, do not cheat by entering your personal and professional information in the simulation offered by the auto credit comparator, in any case, you will have to justify this information with various documents.

Once the lender has received all the necessary documents, your file will be carefully studied and the final decision will be communicated to you fairly quickly. Then, if your request is accepted, the funds will be released to your account or paid directly to the seller. The deadline for allocating funds is normally set at 7 days following the signing of the contract, but this may vary depending on the organization you have chosen thanks to the auto credit comparator.

What are the necessary supporting documents for a car loan?

Once one of the financial organizations found with the auto credit comparator has accepted your loan application, if you decide to continue with the subscription procedure, you will need to provide certain documents justifying your personal and professional situation. Most of the information that you will have entered in the auto credit comparator simulator will have to be legitimized.

The documents necessary to finalize the study of the borrower's file can be sent either by email or by post, depending on the organization chosen. You will also need to date and sign the loan agreement you received and attach it to the other documents justifying your situation.

Among the documents that may be requested from you in the context of a car loan, we find:

-A valid identity document (national identity card, passport, residence or resident card, etc.)

-A proof of address (water, gas, electricity bill, property tax, rent receipt ...)

- Proof of income (last pay slips, last tax notice certificate for family benefits, etc.)

-A bank or postal identity statement (RIB or RIP)

-A proof of purchase of the vehicle

However, note that this list is not exhaustive and it is quite possible that the bank or the credit institution will ask you for additional documents, depending on your situation.

Example of simulation with an auto credit comparator

Let's take an example of a simulation from an auto credit comparator. We choose a loan for a new car, for an amount of 12,000 US dollars, over a period of 4 years (48 months). Take the example of a single person with a dependent child whose income is between 2,000 and 3,000 US dollars. Suppose it is an employee working on a permanent contract for two years. He is a tenant of his main residence, whose rent is 700 US dollars per month. The auto credit comparator used offers two credit offers for a person in this situation. The first with an APR of 2.25%, with monthly payments of 196 US dollars and a cost of credit of 415 US dollars and the second with an APR of 6.49%, with monthly payments of 213 US dollars, the cost of credit amounting to US $ 1,206. We see here the importance of having recourse to a car credit comparator because there can be notable differences between the different organizations offering consumer credits. Here, we find a difference of 791 US dollars between the costs of these two credits, offered by different organizations, which is still a considerable amount.

How does an auto credit comparator work?

To better understand how an auto credit comparator works, it may be interesting to look at the comparison method used. Most often, it is the APR (annual percentage rate) which is put forward for each loan offer because it is the best tool for comparing credits. Most sites offering an auto credit comparator focus on this.

The APR is made up of the basic interest rate of the loan (nominal rate), the various costs (application fees for example), commissions and remuneration and, possibly, insurance costs. Thus, the annual percentage rate allows to have a vision of the real cost of the credit because it includes all the expenses related to the subscription of the contract. It is, therefore, the best comparison tool for an auto credit comparator. It thus allows consumers to really compare different loan offers in order to find the one that is the most advantageous.

It should be noted that the rate of a car loan is also influenced by the age of the vehicle you wish to acquire, that is to say whether it is a new or used vehicle (moreover, a credit comparator auto will often ask you for your preference before any loan comparison). This also plays a certain role in the length of time that it will be possible to obtain to repay the credit. Indeed, you will have more chances of obtaining a credit over a longer period if you wish to subscribe to it to acquire a new vehicle rather than a used one. Many financial organizations offer a period of up to 72 months (6 years) for financing a new vehicle and up to a maximum of 60 months (5 years) for the purchase of a used vehicle. .

A car credit comparator takes all this information into account in order to offer you the most interesting offers.

Generally, an auto credit comparator will also display the monthly payments for each loan offer, these being calculated according to the cost of the loan, its rate as well as its duration. The total amount should also be displayed and is the total amount you will need to repay, including the amount borrowed plus the annual percentage rate of charge.

Keep in mind that these comparisons are indicative and that the annual percentage rate of a loan may also vary depending on other factors. For example, if you decide to take out insurance, the rate and final cost of credit will not be exactly the same as those you may have seen on an auto credit comparator. However, the difference should not be very considerable either and a car credit comparator is still a good tool to examine the various offers that can be found on the market.

Auto loan comparator and wear rate

Even if different credit organizations have the right to charge different rates, there is however a certain limit. This corresponds to the usury rate which is the maximum rate that banks and institutions specializing in credit have the right to apply. It is a threshold intended to protect borrowers from potential abuse.

It can be useful to know the wear rate when using an auto credit comparator. To do this, simply go to the website of the Bank of United States. The usury rate is the same for all consumer loans. For example, the usury rate for the 4th quarter of 2016 is 20.01% for loans of an amount less than or equal to US $ 3,000, 12.99% for loans of an amount included between 3,000 and 6,000 US dollars and 6.95% for loans over 6,000 US dollars. It is a rate which is fixed at the end of each quarter, for the following quarter and it is defined by the Ministry of the Economy. Thus, it is important to take note of this information because if you ever come across an offer found on an auto credit comparator, having a rate higher than the usury rate, know that it is an illegal practice.

Likewise, you can also take note of the average rates practiced in order to be able to better judge the different offers that you can find thanks to a car credit comparator. For example, the average effective rate observed in the 3rd quarter of 2016 is 15.01 for loans of an amount less than or equal to 3000 US dollars, 9.74% for loans of an amount between 3000 and 6000 US dollars and 5.21% for loans over US $ 6,000.

How to choose its repayment period on a car credit comparator?

The repayment period plays a major role in the total cost of credit and therefore, it is important to take the time to decide which one will be the most suitable for your situation before resorting to an auto credit comparator. The faster you decide to repay your credit, the higher the monthly payments will be but the total cost of credit will be lower. On the other hand, if you want to pay lower monthly payments, you will have to choose a longer period but the cost of credit will then be higher. Thus, it is necessary that you be aware of your situation and that you do your calculations well concerning your capacity to get into debt. Remember that it will surely not be possible for you to obtain a credit if your debt ratio is higher than 33%. In addition, remember to calculate your remainder to live, that is to say the amount you have left each month for classic everyday expenses (food, clothes, etc.) by deducting regular charges (rent, electricity, gas, telephone, water…) of your income. This is how you will know how much debt you can get and it will be easier for you to estimate the repayment term that best suits your situation. You can easily find tools on the internet that will allow you to make these calculations and become aware of the amount that you will be able to pay each month in order to repay a new loan, without jeopardizing your budget.

It is very important to know your needs and define your expectations as well as your personal and professional situation in order to find the loan offer that suits you best and that will allow you to repay your credit as easily as possible. Thus, take the time to gather all the information necessary to take stock of your situation before resorting to a car credit comparator.

A car credit comparator can also allow you to perform several simulations, by varying the repayment period just like the other criteria offered.

Another solution to finance a vehicle, the personal loan

Just like the auto credit comparator, there are comparators for all consumer loans including personal loans. The latter is not linked to the purchase of a specific good or service, so the borrower can use the amount loaned as he sees fit, without having to provide proof of its use. The usury rate for the personal loan is the same as for the affected credit because they are both consumer loans. However, the personal loan rates are generally higher than the affected loan rates since the lender does not have any real collateral related to the purchase of a specific item or service. In addition, the borrower is not protected in the event that a problem arises with the sale and if it does not materialize, he will still have to repay the credit.

As for all consumer loans, the information that the lender must provide to the borrower before signing the contract are: the amount of credit and the conditions for making available the sums borrowed, the duration of the contract, the number and the repayment frequency, the total amount owed by the borrower, the total cost of the application fees, the overall effective annual rate (APR), compensation in the event of late payment, the existence of a withdrawal period, the articles of law on the period of validity of the offer and on the minimum period of reflection, the right to obtain, on request and free of charge, a copy of the credit contract offer.

Why use an online auto credit comparator?

An auto credit comparator can allow you to perform instant simulations in order to calculate the cost of your loan according to the repayment period and the amount you wish to borrow. It is a device that is easy to use and completely free. In addition, a car credit comparator is free of any commitment, so you can freely inform yourself and get an idea of ​​the different offers on the market without having to commit to taking out a loan.

This also represents a considerable saving of time since an auto credit comparator saves you from doing a lot of research and calculations yourself by going to banks or establishments specializing in credit, or even by browsing their websites. Indeed, a car credit comparator allows you to bring together the different offers so that you can have an overview and get an idea of ​​which one could best correspond to your situation and your needs.

The advantages and disadvantages of an auto credit comparator

You do not have to move from home, to use a car credit comparator, you just need to have internet access and a computer to browse the different offers. It only takes a few minutes to fill out a form with the information necessary to find the credits that correspond to your situation then, it is the auto credit comparator that analyzes the different loan offers in order to offer you those that could suit you. It can also allow you to send your file directly to partner banks or credit institutions so that you quickly get answers and can choose the credit that will be most suitable for you.

An auto credit comparator can allow you to access proposals with the most interesting interest rates and administration fees. Having an idea of ​​the different offers and the rates offered by having several auto loan proposals in your possession can also make it easier to negotiate with certain establishments.

In addition, an online auto credit comparator can also help you finalize your request, without you having to leave your home. So, if you have a busy schedule, it may be convenient not to have to go to an appointment with a bank advisor to complete the review of your file. By going through an auto credit comparator, you can carry out all the necessary steps without leaving your home and this, at the time that is most convenient for you. Communication with credit agency counselors can be by email or phone, depending on what is most convenient for you. Thus, it saves you from having to perform various procedures and decreases your waiting time.

However, some people might note that not being able to meet in person with an advisor can be a downside. If you ever have certain questions or need to communicate specific requests regarding your credit or even make remarks regarding the service, it can sometimes be disadvantageous not to have the opportunity to physically meet the person who takes care of your folder. However, even if the customer service of online financial organizations is not always good, the possibility of contact by phone can still make things easier. Often, the lender calls the borrower directly, without having to make the request, in order to take stock of his situation and his expectations regarding the credit. Some institutions also offer to communicate by chat or even by videoconference, which is a little closer to the real contact that you would have by making an appointment with an advisor on site.

Otherwise, online banks or credit institutions listed by an auto credit comparator often offer more attractive rates than those you might find by visiting your traditional bank for example.

In addition, sites offering a car credit comparator often have a secure system that keeps your personal information confidential. There is a lot of competition in the area of ​​car credit and each offer has specific characteristics. Thus, to be able to obtain the cheapest loan and the most adapted to your situation and your needs, it is very useful to be able to compare these different offers before proceeding to the subscription to a contract and to the purchase of a vehicle. An auto credit comparator allows you to have all the elements in hand to be able to make your choice. In addition, it is possible that some establishments decide not to grant you the credit to which you wish to subscribe while with others, it will be much easier for you to obtain it. Thus, being aware of the different offers on the market thanks to an auto credit comparator can be beneficial, especially if you are not in a situation that can allow you to obtain a bank loan very easily.

An auto credit comparator will often allow you to carry out simulations of your loan in order to get an idea of ​​what to expect once you have taken out the credit in question. It takes into account your personal and professional situation and can allow you to calculate your deadlines quickly. The different services and tools offered may vary from one auto credit comparator to another but anyway, it remains a solution that can save you money and time by avoiding tedious calculations. An auto credit comparator will thus offer you a list of the various offers from lending organizations that best suit your situation and your expectations. All you have to do is choose the one that best meets your vehicle purchase plan.

Auto credit and insurance comparator

You should know that when you use a car credit comparator, it often does not take into account the different insurances that can go with the different loans, unless these are mandatory and automatically included in the annual percentage rate (overall effective) ( APR) of the credit.

There are various types of insurance in the context of a car loan, most of the time optional, but it is possible that a financial organization refuses to grant a loan if the borrower does not subscribe to it. For example, we can find DIM insurance (Death, Disability, Sickness) or DIM CHOM insurance (Death, Disability, Sickness, Unemployment). These insurances allow the repayment of the remaining capital of the credit in the event that the borrower finds himself in one of the situations mentioned, where he would be unable to continue the payment of his monthly payments.

However, the borrower is not required to take out insurance with the establishment where he wishes to apply for credit and can contact the organization of his choice. This can sometimes be advantageous as the cost of insurance can be very different from one establishment to another. After having used an auto credit comparator, you can also use an insurance comparator which will allow you to have an overview of the different offers on the market.

Est-ce que faire appel à un courtier au lieu d'un comparateur crédit auto peut être avantageux?

Un courtier en crédits est un professionnel de la distribution bancaire, indépendant des établissements de crédit, qui aide les particuliers à la recherche d'un prêt, à trouver celui qui correspond le mieux à leurs besoins. Il joue un rôle d'intermédiaire financier et son principal objectif est de dénicher le taux annuel effectif global le plus intéressant et les conditions les plus avantageuses pour son client. Comme un comparateur crédit auto, il sélectionne différentes offres du marché pour les mettre en concurrence et trouver celle qui sera le plus en conformité avec les attentes du futur emprunteur, en fonction de ses capacités de remboursement.

Tout comme pour une simulation sur un comparateur crédit auto, le demandeur devra faire part de certaines informations au courtier afin qu'il puisse effectuer efficacement ses recherches. Ces informations incluent le montant qu'il souhaite emprunter, le projet qu'il souhaite financer (dans le cas présent, un véhicule neuf ou d'occasion) ainsi que sa situation familiale et professionnelle (coordonnées, statut marital, revenus, charges…).

Le courtier pourra alors transmettre ces informations collectées aux organismes financiers, comme le font certains sites disposant d'un comparateur crédit auto. Les établissements concernés étudieront alors la demande de l'emprunteur et enverront à leur tour des offres de prêt pouvant correspondre à ses attentes. On peut noter qu'un bon courtier peut aussi faire un réel travail de négociation auprès des différents organismes financiers afin de pouvoir présenter à son client les offres les plus avantageuses. Ces propositions n'engagent en rien l'emprunteur qui peut prendre le temps d'y réfléchir et les décliner s'il le souhaite.

Certaines compagnies de courtage proposent de faire sa demande de prêt en ligne en effectuant une simulation individualisée en non anonyme, contrairement à certains sites proposant un comparateur crédit auto où les informations personnelles peuvent demeurer confidentielles.

Faire appel à un courtier représente certains avantages, comme par exemple le gain de temps que cela représente, tout comme en ayant recours à un comparateur crédit auto. Cela peut aussi accroître les chances d'obtenir un crédit aux conditions et au taux d'intérêt plus avantageux étant donné le travail de négociation effectué par le courtier, chose que l'on ne retrouve pas sur un comparateur crédit auto. De plus un courtier peut continuer à surveiller que les clauses du contrat soient bien respectées, même après la souscription et rester à la disposition du client s'il souhaite effectuer des modifications ou effectuer un remboursement par anticipation par exemple. C'est encore un avantage face au comparateur crédit auto.

Toutefois, un comparateur crédit auto est entièrement gratuit, ce qui n'est pas le cas des services proposés par les sociétés de courtage qui seront payants. C'est un point essentiel à prendre un compte étant donné qu'en passant par un comparateur crédit auto, il n'y aura pas de frais à payer mis à part ceux de l'établissement financier choisi.

De plus, en fonction du courtier auquel il fait appel, l'emprunteur ne va pas nécessairement accéder à l'offre qui lui est la plus avantageuse. En effet, il doit entièrement accorder sa confiance au professionnel, cela reste un engagement important, contrairement au comparateur crédit auto. Confier sa recherche de crédit à un inconnu peut représenter un réel inconvénient pour certains. Ainsi, si vous préférez faire vos recherches vous-même, tout en ayant la possibilité de gagner du temps, vous pouvez vous aider d'un comparateur crédit auto. Vous pouvez même vous rendre sur plusieurs sites proposant un comparateur crédit auto différent afin de vous faire une réelle idée des différentes offres du marché et trouver celle qui correspondra le mieux à votre situation et à vos besoins.

Comment préparer sa demande de crédit auto?

Avant d'avoir recours à un comparateur crédit auto, il est important pour vous d'avoir conscience de votre situation et de vos besoins. Ainsi, pensez tout d'abord à définir certains points qui pourraient vous être utiles dans vos recherches pour que le comparateur crédit auto puisse vous proposer les offres les plus adaptées.

Pour commencer faites le point sur vos sources de revenus (salaire, allocations familiales, revenus fonciers…) et réunissez tous les documents pouvant vous aider à faire ces calculs. Par ailleurs, ces documents vous seront utiles par la suite pour pouvoir finaliser votre demande de crédit car ils seront nécessaires à l'étude de votre dossier.

Définissez vos charges mensuelles, présentes et futures, afin de prendre connaissance du montant des mensualités que vous pouvez vous permettre de rembourser. Faites aussi le point sur votre situation professionnelle. Un statut de salarié dans une entreprise depuis plusieurs années sera favorable à votre demande de crédit tout comme le fait d'être en CDI. Cela vous permettra aussi d'accéder à des taux plus avantageux car cela diminue le risque de non remboursement pour le prêteur.

Comparateur crédit auto et location avec option d'achat (LOA)

La location avec option d'achat, aussi appelée leasing, est un dispositif qui permet de louer une voiture sur une période allant de 2 à 5 ans, tout en ayant la possibilité d'acquérir le véhicule à la fin du contrat, en payant la somme restante sur le prix de celui-ci. A l'issue du contrat, il est aussi possible de rendre le véhicule, sans avoir à payer cette somme restante. Cela représente un réel avantage si l'on ne souhaite pas s'engager pour l'achat d'un véhicule et si l'on veut l'utiliser pour un temps déterminé. De plus, cela permet de ne pas avoir à devoir rembourser un crédit sur le long terme.

Il existe trois éléments essentiels dans la location avec option d'achat. Tout d'abord, le dépôt de garantie dont le montant peut aller jusqu'à environ 15 % du prix total du véhicule et que le locataire doit verser à l'établissement financier au début du contrat. Ensuite viennent les mensualités qui dépendant principalement du prix de la valeur résiduelle du véhicule au terme de la location, de la durée du contrat, du nombre de kilomètres parcourus durant la location et des divers services pouvant être compris (l'assurance, l'entretien, l'assistance…). Enfin, on retrouve l'option achat pour laquelle la valeur résiduelle du véhicule à la fin de la période d'engagement doit être spécifiée dans le contrat de location. Le locataire dispose d'un délai de rétractation de 7 jours suivant la signature du contrat de location en leasing.

Certains sites proposant un comparateur crédit auto peuvent aussi proposer un comparateur des établissements proposant la location avec option d'achat. Cela peut être une bonne solution si vous souhaitez vous faire une idée des différentes offres proposées par les établissements financiers.

La location avec option d'achat représente toutefois certains inconvénients. Tout d'abord, on retrouve l'obligation de restituer le véhicule dans son état d'origine, ainsi aucune modification ne peut être la bienvenue. Ensuite, les mensualités sont certes moins élevées que celles d'un crédit à la consommation mais si on les ajoute à la valeur résiduelle, le coût total est plus élevé. Ainsi,si vous souhaitez acquérir définitivement un véhicule, il est plus avantageux de souscrire à un crédit à la consommation après avoir pris connaissance des différentes offres grâce à un comparateur crédit auto.

De plus, lors d'une location avec option d'achat, le contrat va comporter un kilométrage maximum que vous ne pourrez pas dépasser sous peine de devoir payer des frais supplémentaires. Ainsi, c'est en se basant sur le nombre de kilomètres que vous effectuez en moyenne chaque année que cette limite sera établie.Enfin, les conditions de résiliation du contrat de LOA peuvent être bien plus contraignantes que celles d'un crédit à la consommation. Les frais de résiliation sont souvent très coûteux et résilier le contrat peut être impossible avant une certaine durée, précisée dans les conditions.

Si vous souhaitez acquérir pleinement un véhicule, qu'il soit neuf ou d'occasion, il peut être bien plus avantageux de souscrire à un crédit à la consommation. Vous pouvez avoir recours à un comparateur crédit auto pour vous aider à faire votre choix en fonction de votre situation et de vos besoins.

Ainsi, un comparateur crédit auto peut être un excellent outil si vous souhaitez obtenir une aide sur le financement de votre futur véhicule. Il existe de nombreux sites disposant d'un comparateur crédit auto, ainsi, vous avez l'embarras du choix pour faire vos recherches. Avoir une vue d'ensemble sur les différentes offres du marché pour obtenir celle qui répondra le mieux à vos besoins est essentiel et il vous est possible de l'obtenir à l'aide d'un comparateur crédit auto.