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Credit comparator

Today there are a lot of credit organizations offering many credit offers that seem more advantageous than the others. When you embark on a loan, it is therefore very difficult to navigate and find the offer that best suits your expectations. The important thing for you will be to succeed in making the best choice, to select the best offer corresponding to all your search criteria. For this there are tools such as credit comparators. Simple and fast, the credit comparator will allow you to take stock of the various proposals most suited to your situation or your project. However, although its use is simple, it is preferable to take stock of the jargon used by the credit comparator as well as to explain how it works. You will then be able to use the credit comparator and find the offer that will allow you to buy your car, go on a trip or simply face the unexpected.

What is the credit comparator?

Created to facilitate research, the credit comparator is a tool made available to consumers by a large number of sites specializing in credit or quite simply by the credit organizations themselves. The credit comparator is simple, easy and quick to use. By entering a few criteria (which may vary depending on the site on which you will choose to use the credit comparator), the credit comparator will select for you the best offers that meet the criteria you have entered.

In general, the credit comparator will offer two things to the consumer who wishes to use it. Initially, the credit comparator will provide the consumer with the range of financial institutions that are listed on the credit comparator site. The consumer will have for information mainly the name of the organization with as information on the maximum and minimum amounts of the sums that he can borrow within this establishment, as well as the minimum and maximum period over which you can repay the borrowed sum. On the other hand, the credit comparator will offer the consumer to enter information allowing him to better target the credit organization which will be the most suited to his request. The consumer can for example choose what type of credit he wishes to subscribe to but also the amount he wishes to borrow as well as the duration over which he wishes to be able to repay the capital owed. On some sites, the credit comparator is even interested in the age of the consumer. This is also the case with the credit comparator on the New Buryday Lilies site.

Whatever credit comparator you use, the offers offered will always be linked to the organizations listed on the site you have chosen. It is good to take note of other offers using another credit comparator, to have a real choice of what is being done on the credit market. This will allow you to explore as many possibilities as possible and really make the best choice for you.

A credit comparator, for what type of credit?

It is important to take stock of the different credits that you can find on the market today. Indeed, depending on your project, you can already select a type of credit, which will facilitate the use of a credit comparator. In addition, on many sites, the credit comparator will be equipped with an item allowing you to select the type of credit to which you want to subscribe. It is therefore necessary for you to be informed about what exists in terms of consumer loans in United States in order to make the choice that best meets your expectations.

Currently, there is a multitude of credits therefore, but we can distinguish two main classes of credits: consumer loans and mortgage loans.

Consumer loans

The credit comparator will therefore allow you to compare consumer credit offers. Consumer loans are the loans you subscribe to when they are not real estate transactions. Among consumer loans, you will find personal loans. These loans are loans that are not used to finance a particular property or project. The consumer can use the money as he sees fit, without giving any proof. Expect some minor inconvenience, however. Indeed, as you will not have to justify the use of the amount of money borrowed, the credit organization will tend to increase the interest rates linked to the latter. Using a credit comparator can therefore allow you to find the best offer depending on the interest rate applied by the institution on the credit you want. Choosing the lowest rate is usually a wise choice because it will keep your credit related costs and fees down.

When, on the other hand, the consumer has a defined project, he can subscribe to an assigned credit. In this case, the amount that will be borrowed must be devoted to the basic project. The consumer must provide proof to the lender, in the form of an estimate or an invoice. It is therefore a credit linked to a specific purchase. The affected credit can be for example a car loan. In addition, this type of credit is associated with payment offers in three installments. In this type of credit, the interest rates are generally more advantageous because the credit organization has the guarantee that the money will be used for specific purposes.

Finally you can also take out a revolving credit (revolving), which allows you to have a sum of money at your disposal. This sum of money can be used all at once, but often it will be used in several times. The advantage of this formula is that with each repayment you top up the capital made available to you to be able to borrow again. But be careful, although this type of credit is attractive, the interest rates are generally very high and the insurance companies sometimes double the amount of principal to be repaid per month.


With regard to mortgage loans, the amount of a mortgage, whether for construction, rehabilitation or for the purchase of building land, must be greater than US $ 75,000. You will have several possibilities. The first and by far the most common will be taking out a classic, unregulated home loan offered to consumers who wish to invest in real estate. These loans are offered by the majority of banking establishments, which apply variable interest rates depending on the establishment, the region or the individual's file. Although this type of loan is the most common, you can also subscribe to a PTZ, a zero-rate loan by fulfilling certain allocation criteria, namely: buy a new property or an old property with works of which the sum amounts to at least 25% of the total cost of the purchase, be a first-time buyer (or not have been an owner during the last two years), meet the criteria of income and geographic area. Unlike a traditional mortgage, the zero rate loan can only finance part of the real estate project. It must therefore be supplemented either by personal contributions or by another mortgage. This type of credit has significant advantages because it has a non-repayment period ranging from 5 to 15 followed by a capital repayment period over 10 to 15 years. Other loans such as the mortgage loan agreement with the State, the social home loan, the Housing Savings Plan (or Housing Savings Account) can also allow you to finance your real estate projects.

Most sites specializing in consumer credit offer a credit comparator only focused on consumer loans. This is among others the case of the credit comparator on the New Buryday Lilies site. Find out more from the various financial organizations. Discover the offers on their websites in order to get an idea of ​​the different possibilities available to you. Do not hesitate to use a broker. After having prepared your file, the latter will be in charge of contacting the various finance organizations and will offer you, like a credit comparator, the offers most suited to your project.

Some recommendations before using a credit comparator

Using the credit comparator can therefore allow you on the one hand to save time but also, and above all, on the other hand to save money. However, before you get started with the credit comparator, it is important to have determined your project, your needs, your repayment capacities, etc.

Also, it's important not to stop at the first offer that you find interesting. Also carry out comparisons on a credit comparator and select in 3. Generally, after using the credit comparator, you will benefit in terms of saving money by selecting the three offers with the most interest rates. advantageous for you. Indeed, do not stop at the first offer which offers you the guarantees you want. It is preferable to make several requests in order to ensure possible refusals. In addition, make the competition work by contacting organizations and offering them offers from other establishments.

Use the credit comparator to guide you on the amount to borrow. Indeed, if you have made an estimate of the amount you need beforehand, it may be worth borrowing a little more to benefit from a better interest rate and therefore a lower cost of credit. Using the credit calculator will allow you to do simulations by entering different amounts over different durations. Compare and choose also according to your repayment capacities.

But as you can see, before using the credit comparator, you will need to have some notions of finance for an optimal use of the credit comparator. Also, before you get started, the real question is: can I actually do this project? Do I have the means to start buying this car? how to finance children's studies?

To answer all his questions and to make it easier for you to use the credit comparator, here are some concepts that will allow you to best carry out your credit project.

  • The debt ratio

First, let's see what we call the debt ratio. The debt ratio corresponds to the part of the budget of an individual or a household devoted to the repayment of its debts. According to article L.330-1 of the Consumer Code, an individual or a household is considered to be in over-indebtedness when the latter is no longer able to honor its debts. To avoid this situation which has serious consequences (filing at the Bank of United States, banking ban), it is essential to estimate your debt ratio before using the credit comparator and embarking on the preparation of a file.

Calculating the debt ratio is quite easy. You just need to take stock of all your fixed monthly income sources on the one hand and, on the other hand, do the same with the incompressible monthly charges that you have to pay. In general, salaries as well as alimony, retirement, disability or even war soldiers are included in the calculation of fixed income. For monthly charges, you will need to add up the various credits in progress as well as the amount of your rent. Note that if you want to take out a mortgage, the rent should not be taken into account when calculating your debt ratio. Once you have estimated its two sums, all you have to do is calculate the part represented by the sum of the charges on the sum of the fixed income and multiply by 100.

In general, the funding organizations agree to consider a maximum debt ratio of 33%. However, legally nothing imposes such a rate and everyone's situation will be taken into account. This rate can therefore be revised upwards if the remainder to be lived, namely the part remaining to the individual or to the household to live once all the drafts and invoices are paid is high enough. It is therefore not uncommon to have debt ratios greater than or equal to 35%.

  • The rest to live

In addition to the importance of not being over-indebted, taking out a loan requires being able to meet your monthly needs. For this, before launching the credit comparator, we recommend that you calculate the part called "remainder to live". The remainder to be lived at the sum remaining at home when it has paid all its fixed non-compressible charges. To calculate it, nothing could be simpler: after having estimated your fixed monthly income, all you have to do is subtract all the charges such as rent, bills, pensions, taxes ... Once the charges have been removed, the share of your remaining budget will therefore be called "the remainder to live". In accordance with the Consumer Code, this sum must be at least equal to the amount of the RSA for a single person, namely on October 1, 2016: US $ 536.17. This sum is increased by 50% or 804.26 for a couple.

  • The monthly payment for your next loan

When you have estimated your debt ratio and your share of "remainder to live", it is possible to know the part of our monthly budget that you can devote to the repayment of your future credit. This estimate is important because it will allow you to enter the right data in the credit comparator, namely the exact amount and the repayment period you want.

Nothing could be simpler, you just need to calculate the 33% of your fixed income and subtract the sum of your fixed costs. In the case of a mortgage, do not take your rent into account, on the other hand charge it to your budget if you want to make a consumer loan.

  • interest rates: APR

A very important criterion in the credit comparator will be the interest rate of the credit to which you will subscribe. Indeed, nowadays for the same type of credit, there are multitudes of offers. The credit comparator will allow you to choose the offer with the most suitable interest rate. The interest rate of a loan is defined by the APR, the Annual Global Effective Rate. If for you it corresponds to the cost of a loan, for the financing institution the APR represents its share of remuneration. The APR is the percentage of the borrowed capital that the borrower will have to pay in addition to the lender. The APR although defined by the lending institution at the time of writing the offer, is limited. Indeed, it must be between a so-called reference rate, defined by the Bank of United States and a usury rate, ie the maximum rate. So remember to check that the credit comparator offers have APRs respecting the rates in force at the time of issuance of the offer.

It is easy for you thanks to the credit comparator to see if the offer of the financial institution is correct. By going to the Bank of United States website, you will have access to various information. We offer you a table showing the rates in force during the last three months of 2016, do not forget to check their evolution.

Table of average staffing rates (TEG) and wear rates in effect in the third half of 2016


Average Effective Rate (TEG)

Wear rate

(3rd quarter 2016)

(4th quarter 2016)

Fixed rate mortgage loans



Variable rate mortgage loans



Bridge loans



Consumer loans of an amount less than or equal to 3,000 US dollars



Consumer loans in an amount greater than 3,000 US dollars and less than or equal to 6,000 US dollars



Consumer loans over US $ 6,000



  • Borrowing capacity

When you want to get a loan, it is certainly important to set a budget for yourself, but it is essential to know if you can claim to borrow this amount of money. It is therefore important for you, before using the credit comparator without really knowing if you will be able to borrow this amount, to take stock of your financial situation.

So after having taken stock of your debt ratio, your remainder to live and the monthly payment that you can devote to your future loan, you can use loan calculators allowing you to estimate the borrowing capacity and thus find out if your project is feasible. Remember, however, that what you are going to calculate is the maximum amount you can borrow. If you decide to borrow this sum, you run the risk of not having any more funds to compensate for possible unforeseen situations.

  • Important criteria in choosing a loan

Generally speaking, the most important thing for you is to have the lowest interest rates. However, other criteria can be taken into account when using a credit comparator. Indeed, when you are going to choose a credit offer over another, find out about the prepayment conditions. Indeed, when you realize your credit it is above all for an immediate need for money. However, during the repayment period you can have a money annuity allowing you to close one or all of your credits. However, in some cases, this will not be possible for you, some organizations put very restrictive closures to this type of reimbursement. Indeed, it should be kept in mind that the organization which lends you the money is remunerated via interest. So if you pay back the capital owed, he risks losing money. So be sure to check that you have the possibility to do this type of action without incurring additional costs. This parameter should be taken into account because after signing the credit agreement, you will be too late to go back. You will therefore either be obliged to pay its additional costs, or to continue to reimburse your credit as it had been planned at the signing. This type of parameter is generally not taken into account on the interface of a credit comparator. It will therefore defraud you, once you have made the selection from the offers offered by the credit comparator, go and check the closings in the different contracts. It can take a long time, but it is necessary if you want above all to get the best deal and save money.

  • Fill out the credit comparator correctly

It seems logical, but it is important to remember that the more attentive you are to the information you enter in the credit comparator, the more the offers will correspond to what you want. Indeed, putting the right criteria in the credit comparator will allow you to have the most real answer on the feasibility of your project. The credit comparator is indeed a tool allowing you to find the best offers on the market according to your criteria. It will allow you to make the best possible estimates. So do not play with certain criteria, you could have unpleasant surprises when applying for credit.

The credit comparator on the New Buryday Lilies site: the criteria

Like many sites specializing in credit organizations, New Buryday Lilies provides consumers with a credit comparator to facilitate research when they wish to make a loan, in particular consumer credit. Simple and fast, this credit comparator will offer you, depending on your request, different organizations that meet your criteria. For this, we have chosen 3 relevant criteria and taken into account by most credit organizations to carry out our credit comparator. The sum, but also the repayment period or even the age are therefore the 3 criteria retained in our credit comparator.

  • The budget

First of all, it is essential to define the budget you want to borrow. For this, think about your project, what you want to achieve. Get quotes for an estimate of costs, perform simulations, play against the competition to get the best offer to optimize your budget. Do you want to take a trip? Request multiple quotes from different agencies and compare. Buying a car? Define the model well and find out about the different payment options. A need for cash to compensate for an unforeseen event? Think about everything you will need to finance and solve your problem. Once you have precisely defined your budget, use the credit comparator. In our credit comparator, the amount of your project can range from 500 to 75,000 US dollars. Beyond that, it is generally sums intended for the purchase of real estate, so you will have to turn to credit organizations specializing in this type of credit. Finally, make sure you have taken stock of your sources of income, your repayment capacities, and your future expenses. Consider looking at what you spent the previous year, this can give you an idea of ​​how you are managing your budget and whether you are truly able to make that credit and pay it back.

  • The repayment term

The repayment period is also an essential criterion when you want to use a credit comparator. Indeed, for the same amount borrowed, the cost of credit will be different depending on this amortization period. The longer the repayment term, the lower the monthly payments. On the other hand, in this situation, the longer the repayment term, the higher the monthly interest rate will be. So check your repayment capacity before embarking on a loan. By quantifying the maximum monthly payment that you can repay per month, you can better define the repayment period. It is not easy to determine the right duration: too short you risk defaulting yourself if you encounter difficulties during the repayment period but too long you will have additional costs. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages, depending on your budget and your lifestyle, and don't forget that other solutions such as the repurchase of credit can allow you at any time to reduce the costs associated with your various loans.

  • Age

Finally, even if this may surprise you, age is a non-negligible criterion when you want to take out a consumer loan (it is even more important in the case of a mortgage). Some finance organizations will deny you your credit report based on your age. Entering your age in the credit comparator is therefore essential to allow better targeting of establishments likely to respond favorably to your offer. Over 25 years old, a large number of establishments will easily grant you your consumer credit, depending on your resources requirements, debt ratio etc. On the other hand, for the youngest, the profile interests fewer organizations. You will therefore have a more limited choice in the offers but that will not prevent you from carrying out your projects if your file is solid.

Finally, for older people, organizations may also have some concerns. This is generally reflected in the price of insurance which is a little higher or in the interest rates. This indeed allows the lender to have an additional guarantee in the event of non-repayment of the debt by the borrower. In general, a consumer under the age of 65 will have no problem borrowing money. The insurances offered with the credits take this parameter into account. These insurances are group insurances which have been negotiated with specialized organizations. On the other hand, beyond 65 years, the death and disability insurance present in the insurance packs will be a concern. Credit organizations will therefore process it on a case-by-case basis by offering “senior contract” packs. So expect some organizations to be resistant to the idea of ​​lending you money. But do not lose hope, some are even ready to set up declining monthly payments over time to anticipate the loss of income during retirement or loss of employment.

Our credit comparator will assure you a certain reliability because this credit comparator will offer you organizations that meet your criteria. In addition, the credit comparator selects organizations from which your credit application has a good chance of being accepted.

  • Using the New Buryday Lilies credit comparator

Before entering your criteria in the bar reserved for this purpose, our credit comparator offers you the three most popular credit organizations. The daily update of our site allows you to have the criteria applied by each organization when you request our credit comparator. Our credit comparator will therefore give you the offers that best suit your situation and your expectations when you need them. Our credit comparator is therefore one of the most reliable credit comparators that you can find on internet sites specializing in loans and loan simulations. About the three most popular credit organizations, our comparator offers you various information to allow you to evaluate the best organization according to your criteria. Thus, on our credit comparator, you will be able to find the scale of the amounts borrowed, the period of time over which you can make the repayment of the capital due, but also the minimum age and the basic APR (this APR changes according to your request) from the organization.

In addition, New Buryday Lilies's credit comparator allows you to do a more targeted search according to your expectations. So after filling in the three criteria in our credit comparator, our New Buryday Lilies site will offer you the best offers corresponding to your expectations and your criteria. It's your turn. You will have to study each of the offers with the greatest interest and make your choice. As we recommended previously, to make the right choice, we recommend that you select at least three different offers. This allows for a good comparison and to have a representative range of what is being done on the market and what meets your expectations. For this, take an interest in the APR (Global Annual Workforce Rate) of each of the offers. This rate will give you some indication of the cost of your credit.

Thanks to the use of our credit comparator, however, you will not have to worry about a lot of things. By entering the criteria of the age, the duration and the amount that you wish to be a borrower, our credit comparator selects for you the best offers that meet your expectations. The large panel of credit organizations referenced in our credit comparator allows us to offer you the most suitable offers. So don't be worried, our credit comparator takes care of everything. All you have to do is choose the offer that suits you.

If we take the case of a 35-year-old person who wants to make a consumer loan worth 10,000 US dollars over 36 months. By entering the criteria in our credit comparator, you will be able to choose to sort the offers according to the most requested establishments or the lowest APRs. You will see that the establishments offering the best APRs (ie the lowest rates) are not always the most popular. Indeed, if the APR is low, this may imply that the financing institution is more picky about the criteria to actroyer a loan, which will not place it in the most popular establishments. On the other hand, an organization that looks less closely at the criteria will be more solicited. It is up to you to make your choice. If you have a very good record, it seems very relevant to apply to the establishment that offers the lowest APR. On the other hand, in the opposite case, choose an establishment that easily issues loans. That is why it is still interesting for you to select at least 3 establishments. Nothing assures you that your request will be granted by an organization, it is better to make sure that you have at least one request to accept. In addition, making requests for credit offers does not commit you to an organization. You can make as many requests as you want, the only thing you will waste is time.

If we take our request made in the New Buryday Lilies credit comparator, whatever sorting method you choose (the most popular establishments or the lowest APR) you will have the choice between more than 15 possible establishments. Take the time to look at each offer. In this example, the APRs vary from 0.9 to 3.9%. Il est donc très important de prendre le temps de regarder chaque offre, d'analyser plusieurs cas afin de faire le bon choix (en terme de coût de crédit, d'acceptation du crédit). Pour vous faciliter le choix de l'organisme, notre comparateur crédit est muni d'un item vous permettant d'avoir plus d'informations sur les avantages mais aussi les exigences de l'organisme. Cela peut être très intéressant pour vous. En un simple clic vous pourrez d'une part savoir si l'établissement propose les critères que vous recherchez et d'autre part si votre dossier a des chances d'être accepté. Ainsi, lorsque vous vous intéressez aux avantages des différents organismes de crédit, vous pourrez trouver des informations sur notre comparateur crédit relatant des pratiques en vigueur dans chaque établissement. Ainsi vous apprendrez que certains n'appliquent pas de frais de dossier, que d'autres proposent des échéances modulables mais aussi que certains organismes sont reconnus pour leur rapidité de réponse, pour leur suivi client irréprochable sur le nombre d'agences qu'il possède en United States ou encore sur le fait que certains ne réalisent que des contrats à distance. Cette option de notre comparateur crédit est un plus car elle vous permet de cibler des organismes qui vous correspondent. En effet si vous souhaitez avoir un lien physique avec l'organisme de crédit, notre comparateur crédit vous permettra de sélectionner un établissement plutôt qu'un autre. Il en est de même pour les exigences des organismes de crédit. Notre comparateur de crédit vous informe sur les critères principaux retenus par les établissements. Ainsi si certains reviennent souvent comme le fait d'être majeur, le fait de ne pas être répertorié sur les listes de la Banque de United States ou encore d'avoir des revenus stables, d'autres organismes seront plus exigeants. De ce fait, certains demanderont au particulier de résider en United States Métropolitaine, d'autres vous demanderont de justifier votre situation familiale ou encore votre ancienneté dans votre emploi. Pour finir, la plupart des établissements exigeront d'avoir des informations sur votre mode de vie afin de pouvoir estimer la faisabilité de votre projet. Là encore, notre comparateur crédit est un atout pour vous. Encore une fois, en un clic il vous permettra de savoir si vous pouvez prétendre à un crédit dans un établissement. Ne perdez plus votre temps, utilisez notre comparateur crédit et faites votre choix.

Une fois votre choix fait, il vous suffira de cliquer sur le lien de l'organisme choisi et de vous laisser guider par le site. En général les demandes sont traitées dans la journée, vous ne devriez donc ne pas attendre longtemps avant de recevoir leur offre.

Une fois les 3 offres sélectionnées….

Après avoir activé notre comparateur crédit et choisi les trois offres qui correspondent à vos critères et vos attentes il vous faudra remplir les formulaires sur chacun des sites des organismes. Cela peut vous prendre un peu de temps car chaque organisme est différent et peut vous demander plus ou moins d'informations. Pensez donc à faire une liste en précisant le montant de vos revenus, de vos charges, la somme que vous souhaitez emprunter, la durée de remboursement sur laquelle vous aimeriez amortir ce prêt. Dans le cas d'un crédit immobilier, renseignez-vous aussi sur le montant des assurances. En effet, rien ne vous oblige à souscrire à l'assurance proposée par l'organisme. Avant de faire votre choix, renseignez-vous, utilisez des comparateurs crédits pour dénicher l'assurance la plus adaptée à vos attentes et la moins chère. Il peut vous paraitre étrange de faire trois demandes de crédits. Gardez en tête que rien est acquis. Même si votre dossier est bon, l'organisme financeur a le droit de vous refuser votre demande de prêt. En formulant trois offres auprès de trois organismes différents, vous vous assurez d'avoir une offre d'acceptée. De plus, rien ne vous oblige à accepter une offre plutôt qu'une autre. Alors même si les trois offres sont accordées, vous pourrez choisir l'offre la plus intéressante pour vous. Mieux, vous pourrez faire marcher la concurrence en démarchant les autres organismes avec les offres qui vous ont été accordées. Vous pourrez peut-être faire diminuer de quelques points les taux d'intérêts et donc le coût de votre crédit.

En bref,

Lorsque vous effectuez une demande de crédit, vous devez avant tout avoir fait un point sur votre situation financière: taux d'endettement, capacité empruntable, reste à vivre etc… Puis vous devrez faire l'inventaire de toutes les offres répondant à vos critères présentes sur le marché. Or, ce type de recherches peut s'avérer long et fastidieux. Pour vous faciliter la tâche, les sites spécialisés dans les crédits (à la consommation ou immobiliers) ont donc créé des outils vous permettant de gagner aussi bien du temps que de l'argent. En effet, en rentrant certains critères tels que le type de crédit, la somme souhaitée, la durée de remboursement désirée ou encore l'âge de l'emprunteur, le comparateur crédit vous proposera des offres adaptées en fonction des établissements que le comparateur crédit à pour référence. Il vous suffira donc de choisir la meilleure offre pour vous. New Buryday Lilies vous propose un comparateur crédit fiable, rapide et facile d'utilisation. En entrant la somme désirée, la durée de remboursement et votre âge, notre comparateur crédit vous proposera les meilleures offres parmi une quinzaine d'établissement. Il vous suffira de choisir l'établissement le plus adapté à votre demande. Un conseil: en fonction de votre dossier, une offre de crédit peut ou non être acceptée, alors sélectionnez 3 établissements répondant à vos critères et faites les demandes. Effectuer trois demandes ne vous prendra pas beaucoup plus de temps qu'une simple demande. De plus, vous vous assurez aussi qu'une des 3 offres au moins soit acceptée. Rien ne vous engage avec un établissement, pas même l'acceptation du dossier tant qu'il n'y a pas de signature de contrat. Enfin réaliser un crédit vous engage à le rembourser, alors avant d'utiliser un comparateur crédit, assurez-vous de vos capacités de remboursement.