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Credit organization - It is sometimes difficult to choose the right intermediary in the face of many credit organizations, as well as their diverse and varied profiles. Learn more.

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Above, you can find the list of credit organizations available to you on our site. For you, we have studied their different credit proposals and set up a credit comparator system to make it easier for you to find the best credit proposals on the financial market today.

But before you embark on the realization of a credit it is important to inform yourself and to know the credit organization that you are going to ask for the implementation of your project.

In this sense, what is a credit organization exactly?

A credit organization is an establishment which has the right to practice banking operations. Among them you can therefore find banks, mutual or cooperative banks, specialized credit institutions (otherwise called ECS, replacing financial companies and specialized financial institutions - IFS) or even municipal credit unions (L. 511- 9 of the Monetary and Financial Code).

Regardless of the nature of the establishment, all are legally defined as being a legal person which can therefore carry out banking transactions (L. 511-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code). However, some differences persist depending on the type of establishment. Thus, specialized credit institutions (ECS), although they can legally offer the most common loans (consumer credit, mortgage credit, business credit, etc.), are not authorized to carry out all operations. A bank or even a mutual bank may for its part offer loans, means of payment, the reception and custody of funds, as well as operations referred to as "related to their activity" defined by article L.311-2 of Monetary and Financial Code (namely: provision of foreign exchange, real estate transactions, transactions in gold and precious metals, establishment of an electronic monetary system or advice and assistance on assets).

As of January 1, 2015, 1,074 institutions were listed as credit institutions in United States, broken down as follows: 402 in United States, 22 in the Principality of Monaco and 650 in EE E operating in United States. These institutions are subject to special supervision by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority - the ACPR, as well as to Law No. 84-46 of January 24, 1984. You can find the list of its institutions on the website of the Bank of United States.

Faced with this multitude of credit organizations, it is sometimes difficult for you to navigate and choose which will be the best sign for your credit. That is why we have set up this credit comparator based on a list of credit organizations that we have listed above.


Among them, you will be able to find the Cetelem sign. Cetelem, whose reputation is well established, is one of the essential institutions when it comes to credit. It offers all types of loans (from consumer credit to credit redemption and since 2007 mortgage loans). In addition, it also provides you with means of payment with the possibility of payment facilities in certain brands or even savings products. In addition, in order to reach a large panel of consumers, the brand has developed partnerships with large insurance groups. This allows you to no longer have to go and seek another establishment to insure your credit, your future car or other property for which you will have.


Cofinoga is also a credit institution present in the comparator. Belonging to the BNP Paribas group, this brand is recognized for its commitment against the dangers of over-indebtedness. However, when you subscribe to a Cofinoga offer, it will be processed and financed by Cetelem. Indeed, the two brands in order to meet the multitude of requests have merged. Despite this merger, the two brands, both belonging to the BNP Paribas group, continue to exist. Indeed, Cofinoga remains a benchmark. This brand was and still is known to be the financing group of Galeries Lafayette.


Other organisms have been inventoried. This is the case with the Franfinance group, which specializes in consumer loans. Via the internet, Franfinance offers loan solutions, tools for borrowers to take stock of their situation, but above all, payment facilities by consumer credit. In addition, in recent years, the brand has developed a new activity offering insurance to its customers.

Casino Bank

Banque Casino is also listed in the credit comparator. This brand can finance projects up to a value of 50,000 US dollars. Recognized for its flexibility and flexibility, Banque Casino listens to consumers and sets up very suitable solutions (reimbursement one month after receipt of funds, modulating monthly payments, etc.). In addition, this brand has set up a real customer follow-up which will allow you to be guided throughout your process but also afterwards.

Carrefour Bank

In the same vein, Carrefour Banque appears in the credit organizations cited by our credit comparator. Well known for its means of payment with the Pass Card, the Carrefour Banque company has grown and now offers credit, insurance and savings solutions to its customers in order to retain them. Carrefour Banque's consumer service is currently one of the best according to consumers. Thanks to its website but also to the large number of points of sale, Carrefour Banque is as close as possible to consumers, which makes it possible to respond to demand quickly.

Younited Credit

Finally you can find the company Younited Credit, an establishment that specializes in credit between individuals. The only establishment of this type to have the accreditation of a credit institution providing investment services, it offers you to make loans but also to invest your money (depending on a number of criteria such as justifying a financial capital of at least 500,000 US dollars.) Note that to be able to establish a credit contract with this establishment, you must reside in Metropolitan United States (no representatives in the French overseas departments and territories and in Corsica).

Why use a comparator?

But why offer a comparator? To find the best deal. Indeed, using a credit comparator will allow you to quickly obtain different credit proposals. This will therefore give you the opportunity to choose the organization. This type of comparator does not engage you in any way with a particular credit organization, it is there for information to allow you to set up your project as well as possible. We have therefore selected the different credit organizations listed above. Here we offer you the possibility of grouping several establishments and thus to save you time but also money. Indeed, your reflex is often to direct you towards your banking establishment. If your banker knows you well and can come up with a tempting offer, this won't always be the best. Hence once again the interest of using our credit comparator. In addition, as you can see, we have selected a range of credit institutions that are all known and leaders in the French credit market. An overview of all the credit offers available to you will also help you better negotiate your loan. If your interlocutor knows that you also know the good offers of his competitor, he will be more inclined to make you a better offer.

In order to facilitate your research, the comparator has been designed to be easy to use. Thus, you have at your disposal 3 items each equipped with a slider. You will only have to move the sliders from right to left to increase or decrease the amount of credit, your age or the duration of the credit so that the comparator performs the simulation instantly. You can make as many comparisons as you want. When you have found an offer that suits you, you just have to click on "simulate" the loan and you will be redirected to the site of the chosen credit organization. You will have at your disposal to choose several information such as the range of amounts proposed by the organization, the duration, the minimum age, the APR (minimum), as well as various criteria highlighting the advantages specific to each organization. In addition, you will be able to read the rating assigned by consumers to each organization.

However, you must remember that this comparator was produced for informational purposes. The offers offered may go up as well as down, so they are non-contractual estimates. In order to have the final offer, you will need to contact the chosen organization and complete a credit contract comprising the offer as well as all the information necessary for setting up your credit application. In addition, "a loan commits you and must be repaid", before finalizing your request, be sure to take stock of your situation, your expectations and your repayment capacities.