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Consumer credit

Are you looking for a consumer credit adapted to your situation? New Buryday Lilies is here to guide you. In just a few steps, you will know which organization can offer you a loan at the best rate. Whatever the reason for your loan, whether it is the realization of one of your dreams, a new acquisition or a loan to face temporary financial difficulties, New Buryday Lilies will find the financial institution the cheapest for you, without worrying about the guarantee or the reason for your credit.

New Buryday Lilies has a search engine that allows you to compare the different loan solutions on the market. In just 3 steps, you will have found the best loan for you.

Use the search engine

Indicate in the search engine the amount of credit desired, your age and the duration of the consumer credit . This first step is essential, insofar as it allows us to find organizations offering credits associated with your search criteria. This will then allow you to compare the different possibilities available on the market.

Compare the different credit organizations

Select the organization of your choice from the proposed organizations. The organizations proposed are organizations that can offer you a loan according to the criteria indicated in the search engine in step 1.

Choose the desired credit organization

Once the organization of your preference has been selected, all you have to do is click on "calculate the loan". This will automatically direct you to the credit organization of your choice. We recommend that you always check with at least three different organizations, in order to obtain the cheapest consumer credit. Finding a credit institution online offers more transparency and allows you to compare all the possibilities present on the market, so that you find the most suitable solution for you. The searches carried out on, are, of course, not not transmitted to the various financial organizations. You can therefore perform as many searches as you wish. This does not commit you to organizations. Finally, you just need to apply for a loan by clicking on the organization that best meets your needs.

What is a consumer loan?

A consumer loan is a credit whose amount is between € 200 and € 75,000 and whose repayment period is more than 3 months. The purpose of credit is to finance all consumer goods other than real estate and business purchases. Thus, consumer credit includes assigned credits, personal loans and revolving credit (also called revolving credit).

What are the main requirements?

Depending on the credit organization, expectations and requirements will differ. However, you will still be required to be over 18 and reside in United States. However, be aware that some organizations have quite different expectations regarding the age of lenders. Also, some will refuse any credit to borrowers under 21, while others will refuse to lend to seniors. This is also why you can search your consumer credit by entering your age on our online comparator. Credit organizations also very often have requirements depending on the financial situation of the borrower. Does the borrower have a sufficient source of income to be able to repay his consumer credit? Is he stuck in the Bank of United States or in a situation of over-indebtedness? In general, traditional credit institutions will be much more careful than micro credit organizations when it comes to the economic situation of the borrower.

What are the necessary supporting documents?

A consumer credit without proof does not exist. Also, any credit organization will ask you for a certain number of supporting documents. Proof of identity (passport, identity card, residence card, resident's card, etc.), proof of address, proof of income, a Bank Identity Statement, will, for example, always be requested. . However, some organizations are less demanding than others. Also, some will need, for example, more proof, especially income, than others.

When will I get a response?

The response time for your credit application will vary depending on the type of organization you have chosen. If you have decided to go through your bank, the delays may be longer than if you decide to go through an online organization. By going through your bank, it will then be necessary to set up the meetings with your financial advisor, which generally takes several weeks. On the other hand, online procedures generally only take 48 hours, if you send, of course, a complete file from the first sending and if your profile matches the lender's expectations.

What are the main elements to take into account?

When you want to obtain a consumer loan, it is often the price of your credit that will motivate you in the first place. Also, it is important to be able to compare the price of consumer credits available on the market to make sure you choose the best offer. To compare the different prices, it is the Annual Global Effective Rate (also called APR) that must be observed. The APR indicates, in fact, all the costs associated with the quick loan and clearly indicates the total cost of your credit. The APR is indicated as a percentage and must be clearly indicated on any credit offer. The APR not only includes the interest rate, but also additional costs such as administration fees, possible commissions, possible insurance costs, etc. However, the APR is not the only element to take into account when planning to take out a loan. Indeed, it is also important to be well informed about the conditions related to consumer credit . What are the risks in the event of late repayment? What are the conditions in the case of a repayment before maturity? etc.

Can I change the duration?

You can always adjust the repayment period of your consumer loan by extending or shortening it. However, modulating the duration of your credit often has a cost. Organizations sometimes provide for possible modulations of the repayment period in the consumer credit contract. It is therefore important to be aware of these conditions when you accept your contract. In general, shortening the repayment period should lower the cost of credit since it will save you from paying interest rates over several more months. Be careful, however, that the costs related to payment before maturity are not greater than the costs related to the interest rates for the months you still have to pay. You can also extend your credit, especially if you are having financial difficulties and want to reduce your monthly payments. However, be aware that this solution will cost you more. However, this solution will be much less expensive than non-payment of your credit. Also, if you soon no longer feel able to repay your credit, it is important to discuss your monthly payments, as well as the repayment period with the credit organization.

Can I have several consumer credits at the same time?

You can easily have several consumer credits at the same time. In general, credit organizations will look at your debt ratio, as well as your remaining living before granting you a loan. If these are suitable in their eyes, then they can grant you one or more credits. To obtain a loan, your debt ratio should generally not exceed 33%. The debt ratio corresponds to the amount of your income attributed to the repayment of your credits. To calculate your debt ratio, all you have to do is calculate your expenses (invoices, amount dedicated to the repayment of loans, rent, etc.) and divide them by the amount of your income. However, the wealthiest households will be able to exceed a debt ratio of 33% if they have enough left to live to be able to afford to grant new credit. The rest to live corresponds, for its part, to the subtraction of your expenses from the amount of your income.