Consumer credit without immediate proof

Consumer credit makes it possible to respond to the financial emergencies of individuals. Some financial institutions do not even ask for immediate proof, which leaves more time for the borrower to collect all of these documents. Learn more

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Obtain a consumer credit without immediate proof

In United States, consumer loans are more and more fashionable and allow individuals to be able to carry out projects even though they do not have the necessary finances to do so. There are several types of consumer credit, which we will decipher for you. Some financial institutions do not even ask for immediate proof, which leaves more time for the borrower to collect all of these documents.

What is a consumer credit?

A consumer credit is granted by a financial institution to an individual for the financing of a project such as a new car, a piece of equipment, a travel project, etc. Its purpose is to finance private projects unrelated to the borrower's professional activity and should not concern real estate projects. The borrower then agrees to repay the sum of money made available to him within a time defined in advance, all increased by interest.

Consumer credit has the advantage of allowing everyone to be able to finance a good as quickly as possible, without having to save or delay its project. Depending on the borrower's income, the financial institution will offer different loans. Or, if the borrower's income allows it, the consumer credit will be repaid quickly with large monthly payments and the interest will be quite low. Either the borrower with only a small budget will repay the monthly payments over the longer term, which will therefore be lower, but the interest will be more substantial.

Allocated credits

The allocated credit is managed by a banking establishment and is used to finance a specific purchase: a good or a service. Please note, this type of credit should only be contracted to finance the property defined in advance. In short, if the sales contract is not fulfilled, in particular in the event of withdrawal by the purchaser, the contract is immediately canceled.

The affected credit concerns only depreciable credits, that is to say that its amount, its duration, as well as the monthly payments to be repaid are known in advance. As a general rule, the allocated credit is offered directly at the point of sale (stores, dealers or even travel agencies). But it is also possible to subscribe to it via a banking establishment.

The affected credit must respect the rules of consumer credit. Thus, the lending institution is initially obliged to ensure the solvency of the customer to verify that the latter will be able to repay the monthly payments. If the loan application is accepted, the loan offer is given to the borrower who has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days after signing to retract.

Unallocated credits

By definition, unallocated credit is not tied to a specific purchase. It can even finance planned or unforeseen projects. There are two main categories of unallocated credit: personal loan and revolving credit.

The personal loan is a type of consumer credit that allows you to finance all your projects, even without personal contribution. Depending on his income, the borrower can spread the repayment of his personal loan between 6 and 84 months. Here again, the loan conditions are known at the time of subscription. Thus, the interest rate, the amount of monthly payments, and the total cost of credit are fixed. This type of loan has the advantage of offering fixed terms. The borrower knows exactly how long to repay and what exactly to repay. It is important to know that the interest rates are lower with personal loans compared to other financing solutions such as revolving credits for example.

How to obtain a consumer credit without immediate proof?

If you do not want to justify your purchases, it is better to turn to the personal loan since no proof will be required.

If you prefer to opt for a consumer credit application without immediate proof, then we advise you to use the internet and make your request directly online. There are many sites specializing in credit. With a few clicks, the borrower can apply without providing any supporting documents at first. The credit comparator offers the advantage of selecting the best loan offers for you, those with the best rates.

A few days later, the best offers are communicated to you and it is at this moment that it will be essential to select those which are the most suitable for your project. You can then make an appointment with the banking establishment that has convinced you the most and provide at the time of the meeting the supporting documents that will be requested (identity documents, pay slips, current credits etc.). A few clicks were enough to obtain a consumer credit without immediate proof adapted to your needs.