The Prince of Wales has launched an Amazon Prime TV channel focusing on climate change.

The channel, named RE: TV, will also feature a direct call from Charles to “act now” to address issues facing the future of the planet.

RE: TV highlights projects from around the world working on initiatives that can help transform the way business is done, helping people create a cleaner, more sustainable economy.

It is understood that Charles is not being paid for his curation of the channel, which will feature new films as well as existing material.

The films include topics such as sustainability, the natural environment, and innovation, with an emphasis on industries such as coffee production and fashion.

Charles said: “I have spent much of my life trying to engage people and businesses in the problems and solutions of the climate crisis.

“RE: TV was therefore created with the aim of capturing the will and imagination of humanity and championing the most inspiring solutions for sustainability around the world. “