The documents are being led by the Prime Minister who has pledged to set a date for the completion of the expanded government recall deployment.

The temperature, Metro and I report that Boris Johnson has pledged to offer a recall to every adult in England by the end of January as the government fights to protect the nation from the Omicron variant.

The prime minister clashed with health officials over restrictions introduced to combat the spread of the variant, according to The Guardian and The independent.

The Daily mail leads with Prime Minister telling families not to cancel Christmas plans, while The daily telegraph says the new measures will stay in place until March next year.

The Star of the day devotes its front page to the confusion over restrictions on “Christmas smoochers”.

The Daily Mirror reports that a party hosted by Mr Johnson last year “broke Covid rules” on crowds.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express carries the comments of Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who insists voters can trust him to cut taxes ahead of the next general election.

The sun leads with TV presenter Sheridan Smith’s car crash, when a witness recalled thinking “someone must be dead”.

And the Financial Time reports a market liquidation in the United States after Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell signaled his support for an early withdrawal from the Fed’s asset purchase program.