Vaccine passports and more warnings about the need to be cautious about coronavirus dominate newspapers across the country.

the I and The independent lead on the passport jab launch, with two shots required to enter nightclubs and other venues from September.

The daily telegraph says he hopes passports will convince more young people to get vaccinated, while Time relaying a direct message to Boris Johnson’s British youth that “no jab means no entry” to nightclubs and other venues.

the Daily mail calls passports the “price of freedom”.

And the Daily Express takes this theme a step further with warnings of “potential super spread events” amid pressure from the Prime Minister to get more young people vaccinated.

Subway leads on an upbeat note with a report that people are celebrating again, but reminds that caution is still in order as the coronavirus remains in the community.

the Financial Time reports that Mr Johnson has said that key workers in the sector will be exempted from the isolation rules as the country’s “pingdemic” continues.

And the Star of the day runs a list of things that went wrong on so-called “Freedom Day,” mocking the government with a Carry On Chaos headline.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror splashes another claim by former Downing Street aide Dominic Cummings, this time the PM questioned the country needed lockdowns last year “just because of those over 80 who died years”.

The sun leads on to the new “bombs” of the Duke of Sussex’s forthcoming revealing memoir under the title “Harry Book Stuns The Royal Family”.

And The Guardian continued his presentation on surveillance tools sold to governments, while reporting on vaccine passports.