Hopes raised by a historic day without any coronavirus deaths are offset by the reality of the increase in the number of cases on Wednesday’s cover.

the Daily Express and Daily Mirror report that the UK has seen its first day of ‘zero’ Covid-19 deaths since the pandemic, in a story also covered by Subway, who notes that the milestone was recorded as daily cases doubled in one month due to the Indian variant.

the I says Downing Street cited current data as showing that the scheduled end of the lockdown on June 21 is on track.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to completely ease restrictions on June 21, according to The Daily Telegraph and Time.

the Daily mail reports the Prime Minister has been urged to ignore “an insidious campaign to maintain the curbs” as the day without any Covid-19 deaths is recorded means the UK has “nothing to fear from freedom” .

Education Resumption Commissioner Sir Kevan Collins is quoted in The Guardian as saying “more will be needed” of the funding promised in the government’s post-pandemic catch-up plans for the sector, in an assertion echoed by school heads in The independent.

the Financial Time covers a 2% rise in euro area inflation in May, which he says is the first time the rate has exceeded the European Central Bank’s target in more than two years.

And there is a “spoonful of good news” from Star of the day, which reports that Heinz will resume making ketchup in the UK for the first time this century.