England’s reopening is offset by concerns over the spread of the Indian strain of coronavirus in Tuesday’s newspapers.

the Daily Mirror reports that there is “joy for millions of people as Covid rules lifted to allow hugs and indoor dating.”

the Daily Star says “everything is back to normal” because “we have a vacation, cuddles… and a pony in a pub”, along with a photo of the filly trying to squeeze a sip of a pint.

The tone is less festive in The Guardian, which reports that the government and health teams are “struggling to contain” cases of the Indian variant of the coronavirus.

The independent says the surge in cases has forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson to put aside a plan to remove social distancing rules, with the I signaling the move is a “blow” to the arts and hospitality industries which have started to welcome customers inside.

Ministers ‘consider contingency plans for local lockdowns’ or postponement of reopening after June 21, over concerns over Indian variant Time.

But the Daily mail reports that Tory ministers and MPs have told Mr Johnson they will not agree to pandemic restrictions “being extended to protect jab refuseniks”.

the Daily Express cites Health Secretary Matt Hancock as saying that tests suggest current Covid-19 jabs are effective against rising tension, with Subway reporting that thousands of vaccine skeptics have changed their minds and are looking for vaccines in places like Bolton.

the The telegraph of the day says EU ambassadors will approve a plan to allow British holidaymakers to use ‘vaccine passports’ to travel to Europe without Covid testing or quarantine.

And there is a “fierce” battle taking place at the heart of government over whether to strike a trade deal with Australia that includes duty-free access for Australian farmers. Financial Times reports.